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UK Hodgon's Mill, Robertsbridge - March 2017

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Hodgson's Mill, originally known as Scat's Mill in Robertsbridge, Sussex closed in 1999 after work took a dive. The modern extensions have all been demolished, the land and the grade II listed old mill and workshop are up for redevelopment although nothing seems to have been accomplished in over a year since these proposals were made - http://www.ryeandbattleobserver.co.uk/news/big-plans-for-former-mill-site-in-robertsbridge-1-7185778


This was a last minute plan B with @Miss.Anthropeafter finding the police outside our original destination. I'd never heard of it before but it turned out to be alright inside, lots of bits of machinery left and a few old signs dotted about. Some of the floors were seriously dodgy though, we retreated from certain sections for fear of collapse. Thanks goes to monk for letting us know about this one and saving the day from being completely fruitless.




















7. & 8.

34295031565_6c4ab84bc3_c.jpg 34254602336_dd00310495_c.jpg














Thanks for looking :thumb 

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It's funny seeing this again, as I know exactly what you mean about the floors. It's the building that tried ending both me and one of my fellow explorers at the same time, as he put his leg through a floor directly above where I was stood resulting in a cascade of wood and metal pipe parts landing on the floor right in front of me...

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We took a look around this recently, a new planning app has been ziptied to the front gate and the building secured with a tangle of barbed wire I couldn't be asred to fight :( we were literally a few days too late lol

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Some very successful views. I like the shooting perspective of the third photo and the sixth picture with the plants that grow through the window. But I also like pic 4, with the red buttons and the red door.

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