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Mountain Ash Hospital Security.

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Good afternnon all,

hope your all well?

Update on mountain Ash Hospital we received a comment on out Video on YouTube to be told it now has security. So from what the person said it is no longer accessible.

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Have you actually talked to them..whilst im retail so didn't sector,still obviously know and chat to a lot of lads on site.


A polite request and a bit of cheek goes a long way.



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    • By Angels05Astra
      A bit about the place to begin with....
      This waste water treatment plant is all that remains of the former Bayer Agrochemical Facility in Hauxton near Cambridge, the main facility across the road was demolished in 2010, the land was so badly contaminated with chemicals that a massive decontamination operation was undertaken, and it was reported at the time that the fumes from chemicals being released on site were having ill effects on local residents. The site was finally signed off as safe in 2014 and there are currently houses being built on the old main site. Across the road was the waste water treatment plant which remained in operation until 2012 when it closed for good. This side of the site was also home to the plant's playing field and indoor squash court, I took a quick peek in there on the way out but it was pretty dull and not worth a photo due to very poor light inside.
      Also had its own on site squash courts.
      This was a nice little explore and finished off our day. Pretty smashed up inside which was a shame. Great site though so much to see.
      Please enjoy the photos.
      I have lots of pictures for this place so feel free to check out our Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157687798116046/with/36318361420/
      We are also on YoutTube and Facebook Urbalites.
    • By Angels05Astra
      Video of our explore at Harefield Lime Works.
      Please enjoy.
    • By Angels05Astra
      This was done on a short weekend away this came up on our must do list so we went along access was easy and we got in fine unfortunately both both of our body cameras run out of juice!
      Lots of photos on our Flickr page but heres the video please enjoy.
    • By Angels05Astra
      Some History.....
      The North Wales Hospital (Locally known as Denbigh Mental or Denbigh Asylum) is a Grade 2 listed building.
      Once a hospital for up to 200 people with psychiatric illness, by the early 1990's it house 1537 patients approximately. 
      Designed by architect Thomas Fulijames, Building Started in 1844 and was completed in 1848.
      It originally accommodated between 60 and 200 patients the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks.
      Notable Patent - George Maitland Lloyd Davis, Nonconformist Minister and Christian Pacifist Politician, Died there 1949
      He had suffered  from depression throughout his life and in 1949 took his own life in the hospital. He was buried at Dolwyddelan.
      Currently the buildings are on the at Risk Register, the 2006 planning permission has lapsed.
      In 2011 the building was at risk of collapsing and no action was taken by the owner after a urgent works notice was issued Denighshire council hand no choice but to carry out the works the costs reached £939,000.
      In 2013 the council voted to press for a compulsory purchase order.
      This  day two of my birthday travels and I was so excited and when I say excited I could not sit still in the car!
      So we found somewhere safe to park locked up the car and walked through a field and had planed how to do it was we had been warned of police on site. So we made our way straight to the chapel and in through a window not loads to see in there but the wood work for the roof was amazing. So we left them and headed straight for the mortuary and wow the fridge was still there and the mortuary room all that remained was the mortuary table stand some cupboards and a sink also the fridge. As normal was wrecked by kids.
      From there we made our way into another building not sure what building it was though and with that we made our way further onto the site to the chimneys and what looked like the boiler room.
      We then made our way to the bigger building some were in a right state we had made our way upstairs in a building when i herd voices and i alerted my other half as we were unsure if it was police or maybe security so we stayed quite and hoped the they did not come as far up the stairs as we were. so we decided to start making our way back down the stairs and took our chances to find it was kids which to our horror were walking on doors laid across beams where a floor used to be and the beams were bowing so we got to the bottom and left as they started to smash the place up which got to us both.
      We done so much  there i could not list it all so please enjoy the pictures but you may have too look at them all on my Flickr account lol.
      Unfortunately a few days after our visit a fire broke out and caused some much damage to one of the  buildings it is now believed that building will now have to be demolished. Always some Dickhead who has to ruin these places











      Please check out my flickr as there is 185 photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157684480213456/with/35054068865/