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Scottish Explore recommendations

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Hi guys, I'm planning on taking a trip up to Scotland in a week or so and was wondering if any pointers on explores could be given via PM? I've done some basic searching and sent a couple of messages out and have 3 locations in mind so far but any other input would be great.

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There are a few guys on here from Scotland but I'm not sure if they'd give out locations etc.  Might be worth just doing a little research on places you intend to visit and see what you come up with. What part of Scotland are you going to? 

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23 hours ago, Dubbed Navigator said:

How did you get on @urbexpm?


Not too bad, I had a couple of pointers from an admin here which were most appreciated though I didn't get to all he suggested. I did a factory and hotel on the way up, stumbled on a torpedo range (already posted here) as I looked for a house which I couldn't find. Located a couple of duds and places that were no longer worth taking photos of, but then found a WWII Hospital in the glorious Scottish sun (Pissing rain) so only half explored that. I plan to go back next year and try again. Beautiful place to drive around on the whole so I did enjoy it regardless!


I ended up exploring west to east coast, iterally, and covered ~800 miles up there in 4 days lol.

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