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Italy Animal Testing Center - Italy - June 2017

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Following on from our escapades here is another report from The Derpy Rotten Scoundrels Euroderp Tour earlier this year.


Having spent the previous day dicking about by Lake Como, swimming in the lake, the lads got their broga on, whilst Disco Kitten put everyone to shame with her epic yoga skills. fortytwo went jungleering and spent the day battling beasts in the wilderness and arrived back after a fight with a snake. 


Deciding we were on the move the next day we set up camp in a derelict house looking out over the lake. Chilled out with beer and did the only to do when your Euroderping and your derp has an awesome white wall, slammed Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom on the projector and settled in for the night!



Our plan was to head for the Holy Grail of NPU, having visited previously I was still excited about the chance of a revisit. So we loaded up the limo and Zsa Zsa and headed off with a plan to hit the Animal Testing Facility on the way.

This is another place that is proper trashed but good for a mini derp adventure. I have no idea of its full name, or where it is as I do an excellent job of sleeping as soon as Im in the car.

Its a nice little walk in and there is still some interesting stuff in there to see.


I've gleaned a little bit of history from some dude who went in 2016.


The place belonged to a Swiss Company who were apparently big in the animal testing industry, they moved to this site and rented the building, however when the rental contract ran out they didn't renew the contract and it fell into disrepair.


The land it is built on is partly poisoned, due to there being a chemical site their previously and isn't likely to be cleaned up anytime soon. A couple of years after the facility closed it was hit by a fire, causing acrid fumes to permeate the local area. Firefighters arrived and found evidence the fire had been started deliberately but were able to stop the fire fairly quickly. Although they contained the fire, the whole site had to be checked due to rumours of the facility being occupied by refugees and concerns over the local kids playing in the buildings. 


The facility still has the animal operating/autopsy table in place and there is lots of medical equipment lying around, lamps, autoclaves and a gloved box unit.


Anyway here's a few pics (all from my phone as I lost the ones I took on my camera :( )












































Thanks for looking :)

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Good that it is closed. There are still far too many experimental laboratories with animals...

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On 11/19/2017 at 9:47 AM, Dubbed Navigator said:

I’m starting to sound like a broken record now, but cracking write up again as usual @Paradox - enjoyable read as always.


This pic looks a bit ominous...




looks like a microwave ?




hahhahahaa thanks! Yeah it does I hadn't noticed that!


On 11/19/2017 at 2:35 PM, Andy said:

Good that it is closed. There are still far too many experimental laboratories with animals...


Yeah deffo felt bad for all the animals that had been there :(


21 hours ago, Urbexbandoned said:

Agree with Andy, interesting none the less and different :thumb 




Thanks, I believe Italy has banned all animal testing facilities now

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Looks bloody awesome. And great set of pics . Remember you showing me the cinema projector thing . Cool has fuck that is. 

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