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Carrozzeria Ghia was a car company that designed and build car bodies for other car brands like Volkswagen, Detomaso and Fiat. The company was founded in 1916. In 1970 the company was sold to Ford Motor Company who took the whole designstudio to Detroit. At this time the building was abandoned and is still to this day.





The design studio where masterpieces where created like the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and the Detomaso Pantera



The factory halls









This is the old factory hall where the low volume models where build like concept cars and limited edition cars



This is a comparison from 1969 vs 2015 (Detomaso Mangusta on the picture)


I hope you liked my first post! 




For more history about the Ghia brand: 


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NIce little bit of history there especially with the design of the Karmann Ghia. Funny to think something so cool was designed in what's now derelict. 

I enjoyed your first post, look forward to more :) 

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Nice first post & report, welcome to the forum! 

I especially like the hall in the seventh picture. 

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