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UK Eastry chapel and workhouse 2018

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Been visiting this place for many years apart from the old Workhouse buildings which have almost disappeared, today we visited the chapel.

Here are a few pics 

Added an update of the workhouse conditions too.
































































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Removed duplicate pics :)
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Thanks for the welcome.

I have visited many sites over many years , and have taken a fair few photos. (Not of all the sites)



Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Margate

 Nethern Cemetary

Cane Hill


St Peters Mortuary

Tooting Hospital


Clifftonville Lido

Brookham Family Centre


To name a few






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13 hours ago, Leslinsm said:


Thanks for the welcome.

I have visited many sites over many years , and have taken a fair few photos. (Not of all the sites)



Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Margate

 Nethern Cemetary

Cane Hill


St Peters Mortuary

Tooting Hospital


Clifftonville Lido

Brookham Family Centre


To name a few






Tooting hospital is one I would like to see pics from, been trying to get in there for ages! 

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I’ll have a rummage and see what I can find, however we didn’t get into that old derelict building. However we managed to get in one of the old corridors and see all the old hallways. 

Seewhat I can find for you. I’d love to get into the older building thou, looks interesting .

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DF8EC28F-A530-4F45-A914-60DDC04E2C5B.jpeg.22428ab054fa291cd4244862a855cba3.jpegHere’s is Royal sea bathing Hospital in Margate. There is quite a bit of info on google.

we visited long before the conversations took place and found some interesting little gems here. Hope you like them.


there are a few of the Mortuary and the head block on the trolleys was very kindly donated to me and is now in the hands of the Margate Museum. 






















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Some interesting bits in there! Like the cover on the mortuary trolley :) 


If you have any other locations feel free to post each one as a separate thread :thumb 

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Love how well preserved the place looks, it's almost like people just got up and left and never came back. Find it really odd in a lot of places we explore that things are just left as though there was an emergency. When we did Shredded Wheat Factory in Welwyn Garden City we came across an office with a porno mag and cup on the table like someone had been there recently.


Here are the photos of that desk... anyway great photos, I just have to share on our fb page but will link back to here :)





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      This is where Henry lived with his wife Mary and their only child, a daughter. Mary died a long time ago and Henry had to move in with his daughter who looks after him. He is 98 years old. After much persuasion he finally agreed that this, the family home must be sold. 
      Henry was a hard-working man with strong moral principles. He's been a prominent member of his local chapel all his life. Among his paperwork includes a certificate dated January 1940 confirming him on the register of Conscientious Objectors. Interestingly he must have had to attend a formal interview to justify his beliefs so had written prepared answers based on questions he thought the authorities might ask, along with character references.  Also there was a letter dated September 1976 congratulating him on 25 years service to the BBC as a gardener. 
      This is not just an abandoned house - its a home. In this home are meaningful and treasured possessions but also a home full of memories. This was a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to lead a simple life. 
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      not much left , not vandalised and loads of decay and bird poo and dive bomming  pigeons,
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      thanks for looking
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