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A small chapel built in a small park. Just behind it is a steel gate and stairs leading to the crypt. In the middle, cool, quiet ... dark. A lit torch reveals the secret of the crypt. Stacked coffins, side by side. Judging by the size, adults buried there ... and between them ... between them two small coffins, probably they were babies. Seven family members buried in a common crypt ...

(Translated in a translator)





005 (Kopiowanie).jpg



022 (Kopiowanie).jpg



042 (Kopiowanie).jpg



045 (Kopiowanie).jpg



052 (Kopiowanie).jpg



060 (Kopiowanie).jpg



065_tonemapped (Kopiowanie).jpg



077 (Kopiowanie).jpg



083 (Kopiowanie).jpg



093 (Kopiowanie).jpg



068 (Kopiowanie).jpg



094 (Kopiowanie).jpg



096 (Kopiowanie).jpg



106 (Kopiowanie).jpg



109 (Kopiowanie).jpg



115 (Kopiowanie).jpg



157 (Kopiowanie).jpg



172 (Kopiowanie).jpg



169 (Kopiowanie).jpg



183 (Kopiowanie).jpg



190 (Kopiowanie).jpg



195 (Kopiowanie).jpg



198 (Kopiowanie).jpg



204 (Kopiowanie).jpg



207 (Kopiowanie).jpg



208 (Kopiowanie).jpg



214 (Kopiowanie).jpg



216 (Kopiowanie).jpg



221 (Kopiowanie).jpg



226 (Kopiowanie).jpg



227 (Kopiowanie).jpg



228 (Kopiowanie).jpg



231 (Kopiowanie).jpg



235 (Kopiowanie).jpg



250 (Kopiowanie).jpg

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    • By Ghost-Scooter
      This small family crypt was built by a bavarian count in the middle of the 19th century.  Burried are his wife and their son who died at the age of 17.
      Unfortunately vandalism stops at nothing. 99%  of graffities in LPs are crap. In this particular case the creator outed himself to be 100% idiot! 😖😂
      DSC02610-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr
      DSC02603-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr
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    • By Wevsky
      This was pretty much the last explore from day 1 of our trip,yes its very done to death but i havnt seen it so it was new to me and something i wanted to do..Think the cemetery is closed now as there is signs pof work being carried out with portacabins and security etc
      Explored with crazy fool,SpaceInvader and Sx-riffraff
      Not a huge amount of pics as they all get a bit samey tbh..Loads i could have done with the 50mm but im not a fan of too many close ups of peoples names on the stones,so here's a mixed batch !
      Now theres a few shots i have with this guy,He's called eric which is the name sx-riffraff gave him..thing is my wife does a lot of crochet and wanted me to take something she had made and photograph it in various locations so she can post the pics on the sites/pages the crochet gang use..so if its not "proper exploring"Tough

      one last one of eric..

    • By GREGUL1979
      Everything left as if the hotel's owners left it with the thought that they will come back in a moment. Or maybe the contrary, with the thought that they can not go back there anymore. We know that they did not come back. We do not know why. At the bottom, aprons, cups, the inscription "Welcome wedding guests". Upstairs furniture, appliances, personal items, books. Everything is abandoned, not packed, segregated, as in the planned move. No. Abandoned and destroyed. Scattered. Maybe by a vandal who accidentally got there and could not respect the place and things that belonged to someone. Or maybe by someone who did it with the deliberation that was looking for something.








































































    • By GREGUL1979
      When I die, honey
      when I part with the sun
      and I will be a long rather sad thing
      will you take care of me then?
      you will embrace your arms
      and you'll fix what broke cruel fate ...