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Incredible climate. Several work halls, in one stand drills, lathes, milling machines ... right next to carriages and goods wagons. Everything is gently sunk in the green eaves ... Some 150 skilled workers used to work in these halls. Today there is silence.


(translated in a translator)







062 (Kopiowanie).jpg



072 (Kopiowanie).jpg



079 (Kopiowanie).jpg



123 (Kopiowanie).jpg



153 (Kopiowanie).jpg



172 (Kopiowanie).jpg



180 (Kopiowanie).jpg



182 (Kopiowanie).jpg



184 (Kopiowanie).jpg



197 (Kopiowanie).jpg



248 (Kopiowanie).jpg



254 (Kopiowanie).jpg



270 (Kopiowanie).jpg



283 (Kopiowanie).jpg



309 (Kopiowanie).jpg



312 (Kopiowanie).jpg



318 (Kopiowanie).jpg



352 (Kopiowanie).jpg



360 (Kopiowanie).jpg



407 (Kopiowanie).jpg



440 (Kopiowanie).jpg



461 (Kopiowanie).JPG



481 (Kopiowanie).jpg



484 (Kopiowanie).jpg



507 (Kopiowanie).jpg



535 (Kopiowanie).jpg



544 (Kopiowanie).jpg



569 (Kopiowanie).jpg



575 (Kopiowanie).jpg



652 (Kopiowanie).jpg



663 (Kopiowanie).jpg



676 (Kopiowanie).jpg



682 (Kopiowanie).jpg



701 (Kopiowanie).jpg



717 (Kopiowanie).jpg


724 (Kopiowanie).jpg



779 (Kopiowanie).jpg



795 (Kopiowanie).jpg



836 (Kopiowanie).jpg



932 (Kopiowanie).jpg



937 (Kopiowanie).jpg



947 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_3140 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_3166 (Kopiowanie).JPG



DSC_3171_tonemapped (Kopiowanie).jpg


262 (Kopiowanie).jpg

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    • By GREGUL1979
      Everything left as if the hotel's owners left it with the thought that they will come back in a moment. Or maybe the contrary, with the thought that they can not go back there anymore. We know that they did not come back. We do not know why. At the bottom, aprons, cups, the inscription "Welcome wedding guests". Upstairs furniture, appliances, personal items, books. Everything is abandoned, not packed, segregated, as in the planned move. No. Abandoned and destroyed. Scattered. Maybe by a vandal who accidentally got there and could not respect the place and things that belonged to someone. Or maybe by someone who did it with the deliberation that was looking for something.








































































    • By GREGUL1979
      When I die, honey
      when I part with the sun
      and I will be a long rather sad thing
      will you take care of me then?
      you will embrace your arms
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    • By oldskool
      Al reet kids...........first location hse testing plant up in them there hills ya know.........and it was snowing
      Visited with explore the darkness and many more





      Shot on a different day / night ......set out to this location with Host & Hidden Shadow i was told it wasnt an empty ware house.....some one lied

      That was me .....meh.......meh.......empty f--ckin warehouse , on our exit i ask the question "Whats in that building" ???
      After a small climb we were in and not disappointed.....








      Then this cropped up round the corner i havent got a clue what it is .........but it put a smile on my face


      Now Now then...........!!!!!! onto this weekend up @ 3am,meet Rusty @4am, surrounded by 7 Polish farm workers @6.50am, arrested @7.00am,de-arrested @7.10am ,Meet Andre @ 8.00am, train & tune to London central for epic fail .........9.00am GGRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.............
      On a positive note we did get to do this spot on our way home visited with Rusty & Andre ...a quickie little number ...after a 20min clean up we managed to recover some sense of what was a tragic day .......you win some you loose some
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      Thanks for spending you precious time to read my bullshit .....Oldskool