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Hey, guys, we are the Urban Collective and we don't want you to think we're here for views or to sell teeshirts like most of the tripe you see on YouTube (No disrespect intended)...


We actually have a genuine new found passion for #UrbanExploration and have been constantly uploading Photographic and video reports to @obliviontate recently and will continue to do so.


We'd just like take a moment to share our new trailer for the channel for a bit of feedback and just to let you guys know we exist.


We're always paying attention to what others do, and give good positive feedback on posts across the forum and the web.

We adhere to the rules Urban Exploring and would just like to continue to share our experiences photos videos etc with like minded people within an awesome community.


We are just that face in the crowd watching as the high streets dwindle and the corporations take over.


We are The Urban Collective

We Film It...





By the way guys, i hope I posted this in the right place? 

Sorry if I didn't I didn't want to post it in the videos bit because it is not a report cheers guy's.

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4 hours ago, Dubbed Navigator said:

I think you have posted and contributed more than enough to be able to post this up, its not a bad vid really to be fair :thumb

Thanks Dubbed I appreciate that m8 Im getting really good feedback on the vids to be honest pal and Im enjoying it not as good a response on here or 28 that's why I do the photographic reports as well.

Thanks for the feedback pal.


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1 hour ago, hamtagger said:

I like that wee trailer :) And i'm of the same opinion as @Dubbed Navigator - still reports will get the best response on a UE forum, the videos will be of more interest on youtube/facebook etc :thumb 

Yeah, Im on it m8 got ten thousand views on one of my last facebook vids pretty much killing it on there pal.

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