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Everything left as if the hotel's owners left it with the thought that they will come back in a moment. Or maybe the contrary, with the thought that they can not go back there anymore. We know that they did not come back. We do not know why. At the bottom, aprons, cups, the inscription "Welcome wedding guests". Upstairs furniture, appliances, personal items, books. Everything is abandoned, not packed, segregated, as in the planned move. No. Abandoned and destroyed. Scattered. Maybe by a vandal who accidentally got there and could not respect the place and things that belonged to someone. Or maybe by someone who did it with the deliberation that was looking for something.




DSC_4330 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4333 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4354 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3830 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3833 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3839 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3843 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3853 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3858 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3860 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3869 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3874 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3876 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3889 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3894 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3898 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3901 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3911 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3918 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3919 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3920 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3925 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3927 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3938 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3949 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3958 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3974 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3987 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_3994 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4008 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4010 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4023 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4024 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4033 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4043 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4057 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4064 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4071 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4073 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4078 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4087 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4099 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4112 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4124 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4127 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4131 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4142 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4143 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4145 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4149 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4153 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4155 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4161 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4164 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4175 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4185 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4198 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4203 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4205 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4208 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4232 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4233 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4242 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4244 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4246 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4258 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4298 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4303 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4309 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4318 (Kopiowanie).jpg


DSC_4327 (Kopiowanie).jpg

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    • By lucan
      The company was established in 1949 , they relocated in 2015 to a more central location and just left the site ,
      there is a small petrol station at the front consisting of two bungalows , one is fairly empty and the other is full of paperwork from the petrol sales , 
      not a huge ammount left in the factory but a fair bit of office stuff laying round and a few work stations , decaying nicely in a few places
      on with the pics from my visit 














































      thanks for looking
    • By Landie_Man
      I had been waiting to do this one for a month or so; but simply hadn't found the time to hop on the M40 and up to Brum.  
      It was a good opportunity to meet up with some explorers whom I have been chatting to for the best part of ten years or so and do an explore at the same time!  
      We arrived here mid morning one Sunday and once inside; the beauty of the place was revealed!  I really loved this place.  
      Again though; it was full of the new age era of explorers; about a dozen of them, some videoing and some just shooting photos.  It's rare you bump into a person on explores, but lately its been every explore.  This one was flavour of the month back in the summer though!!
      After the explore, we went to Costco for a cheap lunch in the canteen there and had a nice, chilled drive around the local area looking for other sites

      The Hall, built between 1903 and 1904 by architects Ewan Harper and James Harper and the terracotta was made by Gibbs and Canning ltd of Tamworth, is situated at the northern end of Corporation Street in Birmingham. 
      The hall is a 3 storey red brick and terracotta building with Grade II Listing on it, with  2000 seats in the main halll over 30 additional rooms including 3 school halls. 
      By 1991, the building had been converted into a nightclub which closed in 2002, but reopened as the Q Club in 2007. 
      This club's last event at the premises was "Flashback" in 2011. During its time as a Night Club 3 deaths were reported.  
      -A punter jumped off the tower in 1998 
      -A clubber OD'd in 2000 
      -A stabbing outside in 2008. 
      The Club reopened in 2012, but closed in 2016.  
      In 2018; Birmingham city council granted planning permission to convert it into a 147 room hotel costing £35 million.
      Works have begun and are expected to be complete by 2020.
      I just love the contrast between old and new here; with the older Methodists Hall and the big, modern buildings springing up around it.  There is a live part of the building and as we were there, a Gospel Band were practicing literally behind the wall; a strong scent of Jerk Chicken was filling the rooms of the abandoned part.  



















      Thanks for Looking, more of the Hall at:
    • By Landie_Man
      So back in August (yes I'm slow as ever!); a non-explorer friend and myself visited The Springs in Wallingford, which at the time was a bit of a local tourist trap; but it was an afternoon out!
      It had really dawned on me at this point which way this hobby is going these days.  No word of a lie; there was at least 15 people in that hotel, all this new wave of "YouTube Explorer" we all have our opinions of.  They were all nice enough there and then, but a couple were very, very loud and had small children with them.  
      Inevitably, a member of staff of the live Golf Course this was on came and flushed everyone out, myself and my friend sat in an old en-suite upstairs and waited for it to die down.  
      After that; we explored for an hour and a half or so; not much to see here, fairly plain, but it was an enjoyable day out.  Upon exit the same Golf Course Staff found us, but were polite and we were on our way.
      The original build dates back to 1874; a Mock Tudor Style building, this Victorian Villa has been massively altered and extended from the original. 
      Rock Star Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, purchased the villa in 1973 and was behind its and installed a guitar shaped swimming pool in the grounds behind the building before its later conversion into a 32 bedroom hotel. 
      The last owners bought the hotel in 1995 and added a large golf course and club to the grounds. 
      The Springs finally closed in 2014 after the owners could no longer afford the vast upkeep.  The Golf Club however; voted one of the best in Oxfordshire is still open.
















      As Always Guys, Thank You.  More Hotel At:
    • By Tanya Rees
      Abandoned shop and home - This place has been abandoned for some time right in the middle of a village, sorry I'm unable to give much more information as these next two posts I have promised not to give out the locations to preserve the site and I would not want to jeopardize my source as I respect them too much to be disrespectful.

    • By Landie_Man
      Back in July en-route to the 28DL Bristol meet, Mookster and myself explored this disused D H L TradeTeam beer storage warehouse in Gloucestershire.
      The day was a mixture of fails and successes and while this one looked pretty solidly sealed from the outside, at the back there has clearly been people living inside/exiting and entering the building.  There was an alarm sounding within the building; not sure how long it had been going on for; but it was pretty boring and plain, so we did some handheld photos and left.
      There is little info on it; but it belonged to Interbrew before the last company and has been closed since 2017.









      More At: