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Have any of you missed a site: somewhere that was torn down, redeveloped or closed off just before you had the chance to visit and look around?
I had a very quick look at this quarry but it was demolished just before I had planned to go back and climb stuff! :(
Full report is here http://www.lifeoutthere.co.uk/2018/04/18/the-quarry-that-got-away/

What was your "one that got away"?



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Ha yes, about 90% of my leads! Somehow I seem to find so many places just a week too late.

Please still put a report up on here - we would appreciate that more than a link ?

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Lancaster Moor asylum. Got on site, pressed my nose up to the window to see the amazing murals. Thought I'd sussed the access point and got busted by (friendly) security. 

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Just two days ago I wanted to visit "The House of the Pianist" in Saarland / Germany. But there was only a meadow today and no house left ...
So far, however, I have mostly been lucky. It has rarely happened to me that a building was already completely demolished. Just a few places were no longer abandoned or sealed and so no longer accessible.

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On 4/27/2018 at 2:59 PM, lennyvd said:

Ghost Ships - France
Miranda Castle - Belgium


+1 on Miranda Castle, would have loved to see that Beaut.

On 4/29/2018 at 3:44 PM, Urbexbandoned said:

Harold Hill, got there to see demo work had begun & finished ?


If I remember correctly, I saw that one and was a bit disappointed. Sure it was being used as a paintball arena at the time.

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2 hours ago, Dubbed Navigator said:


+1 on Miranda Castle, would have loved to see that Beaut.


If I remember correctly, I saw that one and was a bit disappointed. Sure it was being used as a paintball arena at the time.


All I wanted was the morgue, would have been nice but hey ho you win some you lose some.. 

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Myself and @Session9 decided to have a go at Kinmel Hall in North Wales around mid 2014 I think. There were a few silly code names around at the time like "Cuckoo Hall and Lotus Hall" and crap like that. Although looking back at older reports from then nowadays it had some nice features and indeed was a nice looking explore, there's been better appear on the forums before and since BUT, at the time it was a place I really wanted to see but it did have a bit of a reputation for being a difficult one. I was working over in the Shropshire area for a month or so and myself and @Session9 decided to do a bit of a welsh tour from north to south. I remember picking him up from Wolves train station about 7pm or so one Friday and we headed straight across through North Wales and arrived in the dark around 11pm. We navigated along the loooonnnngg path up to the Hall and literally spent the next 12 hours until the late morning trying to gain access. I got into the building at three separate points but it was annoyingly sealed internally at every point, preventing us getting into the main building, staircase, nice bits. Sensor alarms around the back made us jump the first time but after about the 6th time they got a good ignoring. A loudspeaker was rigged up playing Radio 4 or some crap from the front too, but after a couple of laps we realised it was in a loop. Anyway, this is the place that springs to mind when i think of the one that got away, but there has been MANY!. It was difficult walking away defeated and tired and pissed off , but the rest of the weekend working our way down through Wales was a success. Good times that didn't begin as planned but ended up great. Nowadays, the last I heard from the place it was trashed and easy as hell and was definitely a missed opportunity back then.

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On 5/2/2018 at 8:01 AM, bob said:

Sammezzano Castle... I climbed the fucking balcony

I also touched the building!

Real bummer to fly to italy and stand in front of this beautiful building and no possibility to get inside.

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      Founded in early 1800's the complex was initially used as a hand weaving mill. Following 30 years of manual work the means of production changed when the small mill was bought by a young interpreneur who changed the concept to include hydropower. A few years after that, the mill changed owners again when it was decided to enlargen the mill and convert it into a fully functional factory, instead of a small hydropower driven mill.
      Successively more and more looms and heavy machinery were added when a textile producer outsourced his production because of monetary advantages. During WW2 the production was stopped and the factory used for producing telecommunication materials for the military.
      Because of the decline of the texile industry in Europe and outdated machinery the factory had to close for good in the 2000's. Now it's slowly consumed by nature and open for urban explorers like me.
      Full Album: (70+ photographs) https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157669234673708/with/42217673072/
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      This is an old paper factory were they would make cardboard, The factory opened in 1905 and closed in 2005 after the company was taken over by an other company which stopped the production.
      There was also this old burned out Jaguar which was quite nice to photograph.







      Thanks for looking!
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      Hello folks!
      I recently visited an abandoned military barrack which was used by Pioneers for almost a hundred years. The area is abandoned for a few years now, 2015 the buildings were used for accommodation for refugees. Since somewhere around then, the place sits empty. There are already plans on how the area is going to be used once they tore down the remains of the barracks. A new district housing around 2500 people, a school campus and a kindergarten amongst other things will be built here. All that a car-free zone. Can't say I'm too bummed about that, sounds like it could be a sick project! 
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      I totally forgot to edit these photos of a recent exploration tour. A friend informed me of an abandoned sawmill by the lake so I had to check it out. On location are many different buildings, one where a family once lived in which is not accessible for the behaved urbexer like me, as no windows were broken into or any locks were picked (or rather, doors knocked down). 
      The sawmill wasn't locked off, so I took my chance there. The main floor was used for wood-working while it looks like the other floor helped power the machines for the main floor by hydropower. I even found remains of a saturday night party of a few friends and a shoe on a table!
      Full: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmcrd3PL