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Asylums are really my bag, but when I started exploring, there were only a handful left in the UK. Now they are essentially gone, I think its good to look back on the best pictures.


This should be limited to one per user, with the picture that attracts the most reputation gaining a spot as our website logo for a week.


Mine is a day room in West park, where I had a chilled out lunch.DSC_3215.JPG



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I haven't t selected a "typical photo" from an asylum, with beds, chairs or something similar. Instead, a picture of a decayed corridor with doors, on the upper floor of the Ex Manicomio di Volterra / Asilo dei Dementi in Italy (opened in 1884, closed in 1978). I took this picture in 2012.





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my very first location on my very first UK trip and also my first encounter with a madman, who turned out to be the self proclaimed ' caretaker' of these buildings

I don't really call ' bricking up a wall out of dig turds  on the  window sink'  as 'taking care' but hey, maybe the comon uses are different accross the channel??? ;)

ended up in some kind of car chase with the guy too



so, here it is :






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