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A very old farm house early 1800's id say..it was or sale what i found in here was unlike anything id every found before


A  large roomy house


thats an old piano..





This was the 1stof a few finds..the painting was bolted to the wall...seemed hard to remove without destroying it



this might have something to do with this next room


the words die die die die...carved into a bedroom door with a padlock on it



the walls inside the room had scratches all over them...IMG_4010_zpsje8eglts.jpg~original


translate anyone





caught 2 clear voices in this room


A room with carpet on the door


the mist in on the left...what could that be..



the house was for sale cheap but noone wanted to buy it...it was eventually torn down...


I caught two clear voices in the bathroom ...you can hear the word paris(which is my name)..and boo..i heard footsteps while i was there but nothing on film...i reget not taking that painting..hope it was save befor it bwas torn down...



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Hi, unfortunately the first 6 pictures are not appearing correctly. Can you have a look? If need be just post the pics in the comments and i'll add them into the report :thumb 

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