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France The secrets of the legendary catacombs of Paris, a tunnel system that spans more than 280km in length.

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The secrets of the legendary catacombs of Paris, a tunnel system that spans more than 280km in length.


The catacombs in Paris hold remains of more than six million people. They are part of a tunnel network that runs below Paris that is more than 280 kilometers long. No one knows how far the tunnels extend in total, as there are still many paths that are unmapped and even undiscovered. The main reason behind the tunnels was to extract  Lutetian limestone for use as a building material. For instance, parts of the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde and Les Invalides were built with limestone from this tunnel system.


The catacombs only take up about 2.1km of the tunnel system and they are the only part that is legally accessible. Even though that is the case, many people refer to the surrounding tunnel network when speaking about the "Catacombs of Paris".


The ossuary was created in the late 1700s to tackle the problem of overflowing cemeteries and until the early 19th century, the ossuary was largely forgotten until it became a novelty place for concerts and other private events.

The network is mostly intact today and is regularily toured by urban explorers or so called "Cataphiles".


If anyone is curious about the way we took, the names of the rooms we went into and a bit of a sidestory, here's the full post (warning: It's damn long and I feel it would overcrowd the forums)


Also, even though I posted a lot of photos, these are not all, so feel free to check out the rest of them if anyone has gotten curious.


LINK: http://inwordsandpictures.net/catacombs

FULL-ALBUM: https://flic.kr/s/aHskDMEvnC




42223984855_1bc4f1d1a8_b.jpgDSC_9230 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42223971005_fbdc8a1bae_b.jpgDSC_9239 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42223990225_6a67f86ed3_b.jpgDSC_9241 by anthrax, auf Flickr

29256398118_4e804346f0_b.jpgDSC_9245 by anthrax, auf Flickr

29256411868_60b47a7d98_b.jpgDSC_9250 by anthrax, auf Flickr

29256416668_2db32ed165_b.jpgDSC_9254 by anthrax, auf Flickr

41317287460_5b5986c0cd_b.jpgDSC_9257 by anthrax, auf Flickr

41317205210_6aa5350c9e_b.jpgDSC_9265_1 by anthrax, auf Flickr

43128524751_e485ee4128_b.jpgDSC_9276 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42223902085_137984d3f1_b.jpgSC_9279 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42224042735_9cffe171c8_b.jpgDSC_9281 by anthrax, auf Flickr

29257184768_079b315afc_b.jpgDSC_9283_1 by anthrax, auf Flickr

29256458908_4ca1379aac_b.jpgDSC_9290_1 by anthrax, auf Flickr

28259014847_c57fecefc1_b.jpgDSC_9311 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42224120475_2de3277a5c_b.jpgDSC_9338 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42224126785_f9e97e2e97_b.jpgDSC_9343_2 by anthrax, auf Flickr

42224141605_001ca76ce4_b.jpgDSC_9346_1 by anthrax, auf Flickr

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb hamtagger:

Pretty cool shots and top prize for longest thread title of 2018 :D 

At least I won something :)



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