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Wicked Sunday

Haunted abandoned places across my roadtrip.

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Hello urban explorers. 


I have lately been discovering the world of urban exploring, and have some great experiences solo exploring  'haunted' areas at night. The kind of adrenaline coming from visiting such place alone at night is terrifying yet very satisfying. I wish to keep up with my new hobby, but I have trouble finding places with a horror story which are not abaondoned. Perhaps it may seem lazy to 'just ask' it this way, but I can asure that I have been spending quite some days to pinpoint the right locations (it's always a far drive coming from the Netherlands).


For the next week I will make a roadtrip from my home town Coevorden in the Netherlands to Belgrado in Serbia. I am hoping somebody may have experience or a story about a 'haunted' place across my route.

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I don't know any places in Serbia and so couldn't help you, anyway. 


No offense and it's not meant to be bad, on the contrary. But I think the first way should be to get involved in the forum, instead of asking for locations right away.

Show photos of abandoned places that you took during your explorations and comment on reports of others. This way you will build trust and make contacts. And so, over time, some people would surely help you, if they can.

It's simply quite unusual to name abandoned places right at the beginning, to someone you don't know. 


By the way: I often search in the text and image search on Google with keywords in the national language. For example, "abandoned house", "haunted villa", "disused hotel", "unused hospital", "decayed church", "closed factory", "uninhabited mansion" ... (in Serbia / Belgrade) ... and so on.

Just translate such and similar keywords with an online translator in Serbian language and use it for your search at Google. 
In this way (partly with further searches via Google Earth and Google Streetview) I've already found a lot of nice and interesting places in other countries, in recent years. 

Of course, that takes time. But this research is part of the hobby!


For the beginning, you maybe could also visit castles, castle ruins and church ruins. a lot of these walls and historical buildings are telling hauntings and ghost stories.

There are many traditional myths and legends. And many of them can be found in books and on the Internet. 



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