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UK Millennium tower Salford quays June 2018

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Millennium tower Salford quays 

It is not to be confused by the never-built London Millennium Tower (which could’ve gone up to 386 metres!). The dual building is a residential highrise located on the eastern side of the Media City Quays. The tallest one of the two is 67 metres, and the shorter one (Millennium Point) at around 45 metres. Designed to suit the modernised skyline of Salford, it has a rather minimalistic approach. Luckily not a lot of information can be salvaged from the internet, so I don’t have to type up much


Had a look on the roof of the millennium tower. Was evening time so photos were late afternoon then a walk around media city.


29580606878_cbcbdb822a_k.jpgDSC_3193 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


42547311815_806f8350fd_k.jpgDSC_3229 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


29580628878_05efa3778e_k.jpgDSC_3229 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


41643629390_ac56d65d3f_k.jpgDSC_3221 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


41643650800_5a4e8db6fd_k.jpgDSC_3205 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


42546929285_ef6c3f3144_k.jpgDSC_3203 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


41643663200_dd025744b4_k.jpgDSC_3198 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


41644232710_6bd7a9a3ad_k.jpgDSC_3253 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


43451288971_ece4869bc1_k.jpgDSC_3252 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


28564787197_59ee9e9cce_k.jpgDSC_3244 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


28564792027_31061c523a_k.jpgDSC_3240 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


43403369432_1344a04e89_k.jpgDSC_3239 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


42546883245_46081245e9_k.jpgDSC_3234 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


42735450304_5d63c81585_k.jpgDSC_3238 by Lavino lavino, on Flickr


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Very nice set, especially the night shots.

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