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Hello, so as you can tell (if you go to my profile) I am new here and this is the first post that I hope people will reply too with good advice. So I am a YouTuber that's an aspiring director and writer, and I'm starting off with making youtube videos and something called "the chilling series" about spooky stuff, and the next episode I want to make it about new jersey abandoned mental hospitals  since i am going to be in town soon, I plan to go into Essex County Hospital Center (overbrook asylum) and  Abandoned Soho Hospital, but I'm not quite sure if Overbrook Asylum is even still there, it may be demolished, and I'm not sure how to find out if it is or not cause googling it I don't find much. Also, how do I find the owners to contact them, or do I contact someone else for that? I only want to go in with permission, if not I rather just take pictures and clips outside of it on public property. Any advice will help a lot tbh.


thank you  ❤️

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Welcome to OS

Disclaimer(!) I am a citizen of the UK who has never visited the US (but one day I hope to)

I would say that wherever you live Google is your friend in terms of research. If you're seeking permission you should be able to find out who to contact. The difficult part from my personal experience is for those people to grant you access.

If you're finding it hard to get info on the specific site I would try to get a phone number of someone in the area who can give general info/point in the right direction, such as a local newspaper for example.

Good luck with your project


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Welcome to the forum, I would agree with @jones-y-gog google is great for finding stuff out, whether thats research or even using the maps to pinpoint locations. 


I have moved this thread to the welcome section :)

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