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Anna Jacobsen

Other Abandoned Signal Box ( Failed )

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    • By urbexgabrovo
      Exploring abandoned mechanical engineering school in very good condition.

    • By KPUrban_
      A little while before our first of two visits I had been surfing the internet for hospital closures, looking for a site some way away. Then, out of nowhere, this pops up....

      At first I was skeptical and decided to have a little dig in the forums and almost nothing turned up.

      So it was a shot in the dark from then on.
      At the time we knew nothing and quickly found ourselves on our fist visit wandering about. Eventually we stumbled upon an entry in what we now know is the radiotherapy department. After sending in a friend then having him return for a torch, it soon confirmed the hassle of getting was worthwhile.
      It came a surprise to find that literally everything works and a lot was already running. Hearing the Aircon unit gave everything a feel as if we really shouldn't be there then to find that all the lights worked as well as the machines and water supplies made this quite unique.

      Then, as we walked around the corner we bumped into security, who smelled like he had a joint or two earlier. Anyway he talked to us about how they live inside the building and mentioned we were the first people he had ever caught. Let us out and that was that...

      Roll on a month or so and we had been given a hint about the operating theaters, so we gave it a go.

      Once in we noticed that there was more than one room and that both were designed for eye surgery. Anyways with that we had a look around.

      One room used to be a theater but the light is long gone.

      Anyways, with that we left
    • By UK Abandoned Mine Explores
      In this one, we return to the Mine of 1000 ladders, where we finally get to the upper workings, then find something very old and very huge, that none of us expected.  If you enjoy, please like the video and consider subscribing.
      Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/330926504215298/
      Video on Youtube : https://youtu.be/e_G4DDSpuPE
    • By KPUrban_
      The Intro
      After stumbling across photos of the beedy eye'd operating lights back in early 2018 I'd spent quite a while looking for the site. Only to realise  it's almost 150 miles away, which on trains that run mostly on diesel, is not fun. So we put it off until September and went for two visits. Then realised I had missed one of the 8 operating Rooms, which annoyed me. So march 2019, attempt 3.....
      A large amount of things had changed now, the 1st and second operating theater's had been fully boarded up and were now pitch black, vandals had done a few more visits and we soon found we were no alone.
      Anyways with that we continued.

      And with that we left.

    • By EveDestruction
      Traveling through eastern Poland together we saw an abandoned house near the road. quick decision - we are entering. From the outside, the house did not offer much. The entrance was easy, only to our misfortune the house was empty, there was not much equipment in it, practically bare walls. Taking advantage of the fact that we are inside, we decided to go down to the cellars and garage, which we saw from the road. While walking around the house from the other side, we saw an open window leading to the garage. Our surprise was huge, it was difficult to believe that Jaguar was there! Quick entry inside and here is. Beautiful Jaguar 420, and most importantly, it is in quite good condition, with most details and elements. Unfortunately, the engine was gently stolen, but the unit with a capacity of 4.2 liters was still beautiful. It once produced a dizzying 245 km, which allowed the 1.7 tonne vehicle to accelerate to nearly 200km / h. Then we went to the interior of this classic of the 60s. The door was closed, but the mechanism of the lock still worked, which allowed us to sit on the seats of this luxury vehicle. Each indicator, meter, and clock was in perfect condition, the steering wheel caused great resistance, but this is probably because the Jaguar tires have lost most of the air over the years. Every button, the switch went like it was completely new. The car was exceptionally comfortable and very well equipped. With time, it has come to us that after the photos and memories of this Jaguar will not be much, because the owner forgot about him, and he is waiting alone for him in the garage.