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Hey my name's Sarah I'm relatively new to intentionally hunting out exploration spots but I have always had a healthy (sometimes silly) sense of curiosity and adventure. Looking to share stories and meet like minded people. Glad I stumbled across this site! 



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To be honest I was just trawling the internet trying to find info about the Vetenary University in Belgium and stumbled across you guys. Glad I did!

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    • By marsbarss080
      So, Hi! My name's Mars, I'm from Central California and I've been interested in urban exploring for some time, though I've never actually gone exploring myself, but I want to change that. Kind of, overcoming my anxiety and looking to have a fun time. Old buildings are endlessly interesting to me, and I'm working to start my own little exploration group where I live. So yeah, that's me. 
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      Hi all! My name is Shane.I have been exploring abandoned places all my life.I have thousands of pictures of hundreds of places ive explored.Looking to make connections with other explorers to find more places.Were i live it has been impossible over the years to find others to explore then my friend john.
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      Hello everyone, just bobbing in to say hello, I are new here! Got a few explores done and many more to come. Would love to meet up with some local explorers at some point and get to know some of you lot, come say hi
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      Hi there everyone! My name is Ianthé, 21 years old and from Belgium.
      I've been active on the facebook group in the past but only decided today to join the forum as well
      Hopefully everyone is having a good day,
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      Hi there,
      I'm Gert-Jan from the Netherlands. About 10 years ago I visted my first urbanlocation. Since then I'm having the urbexvirus.
      By accident I found this site.
      I hope to share and see a lot of nice photo's
      For a impression of my work look at my site: