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Built in 1800s (?) .

At least 800-900 m2 (?) .

 Large gated garden/grounds.

 Big garage & pool.

 On the banks of the river Seine.


 I'd like to know everything about the

 house(/place) what is there to know -

 in details. (My guesses are only estimates. Google Maps & Earth don't

 give much to work with).


 Someone could set an expedition on the site ; possibly with a drone ? 



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Honestly, I'm not really sure what your request is.
Are you just looking for information about this house? (If so, you'd find different sites about via Google.)

Are you just asking if anyone knows the villa and has more information about it (abandoned or not / accessible ... and so on)? 
Are you looking for someone to check out the place / to explore the terrain - with or without you? (If so, why don't you do it?)
Are you (also) looking for someone who could possibly take aerial photos of the building with a drone?
Or did  you just want to show the house because you find it interesting?


No offense ; but as I said, I'm simply not sure what your request is.
Anyway, because this post isn't a report with photos of an exploration, I moved it to the "General Discussion" section.


By the way:
I think you already have searched with Google for more facts and already know it ; but if not, here are two websites with some info about the villa.


It's for sale: 


The property was (or still is?) owned by the musician Jean-Michel Jarre: 



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Yes, I have done some ground research 

 of the villa in Croissy sur Seine.


 48,87199 , 2,14456 1 Avenue Emile Augier.


 Jean-Michel Jarre left from there over 10

 years ago (; . It's also a shame that place

 like this wont stay unoccupied (/free to

 explore) for very long - if at all.


 Guess I'll need to wait several decates for

 the mansion's proper abandoment then

 (unless something truely lucky on my be-

 half happens).


Of course I would check the place properly

myself If there wouldn't be the minor

obsticle of several thousands of kilometers

,no ways to fast-travel (funds), and to find few people for assistance (; .




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 through careful rethinking / reconsideration i have came to conclusion

 placing this thread in here was a complete

 miscalculation as this whole forum proved

 to be unsuitable to gain any profitable

 results (the admin writing two replies

 giving a jack-squat).


 so it will be altogether better to take this

 matter completely elsewhere.

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Nobody has any idea what on earth you are asking from us. You are the first and only member to post something so bizarre on here. You haven't explained things properly so you can't expect a truly helpful response from anyone. This is a forum for exploring. If you can't do the research yourself then maybe this isn't the right hobby for you! 

And actually Andy was pretty fucking helpful in his response! What the fuck do you want from us??? 

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You literally could not have had a better initial response from Andy on this, considering you completely missed the point of this forum.


If you're that curious, go and find out or do some more research. You know, explore...


Utter nugget.

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