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UK The Orangery, Stoke - July 2018

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Built in 1808. 

Tucked away in the corner of a public garden and in need of repair

Apart from a grumpy old boy telling me im not supposed to be here it was a nice little place 




























thanks for looking

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Oh wow, what an amazing building. It's difficult to imagine what you could do with such a building, so I suppose it's no surprise it is disused. A shame really because it's so nice.

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Damn, sad to see the window frames literally dropping out of such a nice looking building. Nicely photographed too :thumb 

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What a beautiful building, I really like the curvature and the windows! Orangeries don't really have much a place today. I only found out quite recently that they are called Orangeries because they used to protect Orange and fruit trees in the winter, who'd have thought?! Basically a posh conservatory! There is an old Asylum in Lincoln where they had one, it was completely taken apart and moved, it now houses crocodiles or alligators at a nearby wildlife park.  Lets hope they save it and it can be a massive something 🤣

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thanks all , by the look its not in good shape at all , will need a lot of cash to fix up ,

it could make a nice tea room or somthing like that 

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Now that is some nice architecture right there. Hope they sort it out although it looks a bit far gone 😕

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    • By Dale68
      In the forest sits this stone building, I can't find any info on it other that it's sitting on a settlement mound.
      Video.. https://youtu.be/nGuRNOeRuA8














    • By Dale68
      Been waiting all week to go here only to find it's all been boarded back . so just some from the outside.☹️

    • By lucan
      The company was established in 1949 , they relocated in 2015 to a more central location and just left the site ,
      there is a small petrol station at the front consisting of two bungalows , one is fairly empty and the other is full of paperwork from the petrol sales , 
      not a huge ammount left in the factory but a fair bit of office stuff laying round and a few work stations , decaying nicely in a few places
      on with the pics from my visit 














































      thanks for looking
    • By Landie_Man
      I had been waiting to do this one for a month or so; but simply hadn't found the time to hop on the M40 and up to Brum.  
      It was a good opportunity to meet up with some explorers whom I have been chatting to for the best part of ten years or so and do an explore at the same time!  
      We arrived here mid morning one Sunday and once inside; the beauty of the place was revealed!  I really loved this place.  
      Again though; it was full of the new age era of explorers; about a dozen of them, some videoing and some just shooting photos.  It's rare you bump into a person on explores, but lately its been every explore.  This one was flavour of the month back in the summer though!!
      After the explore, we went to Costco for a cheap lunch in the canteen there and had a nice, chilled drive around the local area looking for other sites

      The Hall, built between 1903 and 1904 by architects Ewan Harper and James Harper and the terracotta was made by Gibbs and Canning ltd of Tamworth, is situated at the northern end of Corporation Street in Birmingham. 
      The hall is a 3 storey red brick and terracotta building with Grade II Listing on it, with  2000 seats in the main halll over 30 additional rooms including 3 school halls. 
      By 1991, the building had been converted into a nightclub which closed in 2002, but reopened as the Q Club in 2007. 
      This club's last event at the premises was "Flashback" in 2011. During its time as a Night Club 3 deaths were reported.  
      -A punter jumped off the tower in 1998 
      -A clubber OD'd in 2000 
      -A stabbing outside in 2008. 
      The Club reopened in 2012, but closed in 2016.  
      In 2018; Birmingham city council granted planning permission to convert it into a 147 room hotel costing £35 million.
      Works have begun and are expected to be complete by 2020.
      I just love the contrast between old and new here; with the older Methodists Hall and the big, modern buildings springing up around it.  There is a live part of the building and as we were there, a Gospel Band were practicing literally behind the wall; a strong scent of Jerk Chicken was filling the rooms of the abandoned part.  



















      Thanks for Looking, more of the Hall at: