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This is cool! Looks like a fun rummage


Don't forget to include the visit date in the title! 😉 (I'll delete this when edited) 


6 hours ago, hamtagger said:

Haven't seen this one before, surprised it hasn't been looted for those pearl necklaces by now :D 

I'm guessing all that jewellery is fake?!


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7 hours ago, Industrieller said:

Part II of the location


Nice... This place just get better and better!

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i like this, mad how it still has most of the stuff there but I also like the fact that the waiting areas are almost pristine like they are still waiting for people. 

thanks for sharing, nice to see those gemstones, adds a nice little feel to the place :) 

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Really interesting, I've never seen this place before. Even if it's not a precious metal, I'm pleasantly surprised that the jewelry has not been stolen so far.

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