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Belgium Chateau LadyBug - Nov 17

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The Chateau LadyBug is a beautiful place to explore, with a lot of different styles and photo opportunities.
The main building was built during the XIXth century.
It became a restaurant during the 80's when a rich investor decided to reconvert himself in the restauration.
He renovate the place to reach the standards of the most famous restaurants, hire a famous cook and won a star in the Michelin Guide quickly.
Things turned bad for the owner when his chief cook decided to quit.

Then, he tried to test his luck again by hiring two new cook, but without success, at all...
Customers started to desert the place, bills started to piles up and bankrupt arrived few months later.

Currently, the place is for sale for more than 2M.
We explored it just in time before it was closed and cameras were installed.

















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It doesn't look like a castle anymore, instead quite modern. But if the main building, as you say, was built only in the 19th century, it was finally never an old, historic castle. Nevertheless, a nice set.

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Totally agree, i'm usually not a big fan of modern building but, i have to admit, my urbex fetish for hotel and restaurant  kicked in and i had fun.
There were a lot of rooms with different style and architecture and it was fun to try get the best out of it.
My only regrets are for the weather and the decaying light, but that's the game. ?

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