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Belgium Church of Raven (October 2018)

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A church that stands in a small village right on the main street.
The condition of this church is still good.



























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Great building and still a lot of nice things inside. Do you know anything about its history?

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    • By Industrieller
      In a small Belgian village is this house on the roadside.
      There are still a few things that are worth being photographed.
      In the meantime it should not look like the pictures anymore










    • By obscureserenity
      Red Morgue Hospital
      I couldn't find huge amount history on this location but from what I've gathered the hospital was built at some point in the early 20th century. It was funded by investors and at a time when nursing care was predominately carried out by the clergy. They wanted the hospital to become more secular in order to distance themselves from the church. The hospital was mainly used for surgery and featured several operating theatres but later on a maternity ward and outpatient clinic was introduced. About 90 years later the orginal hospital building was combined with a larger nearby hospital. The Red Morgue hospital was eventually closed around 2013. By this time it was only used to see outpatients, as most of it's services were provided by the new hospital which was more modern and sophisticated. 












      If you've got this far, thanks for reading!
    • By Hooismans
      A blast furnace is an installation that makes steel from iron ore and coke, this happens at a temperature of around 2400 degrees Celsius. When there is quick liquid in the oven, one is drilled open and the steel flows out Steel production and further activities in this area stopped in 2011. Which brings an end to the more than 200-year-old steel production in Liège
      HFB by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Blast Furnace by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Blast Furnace by Hooismans, on Flickr
      HFB by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Laboratory by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Laboratory by Hooismans, on Flickr
      The house by Hooismans, on Flickr
      I also made a documentary on this place where i tell about the history of this place and how this factory worked in his heyday 
      It is in dutch but it has subtitles
      Thanks for looking through!
    • By Benjamin W.
      I visited this little cemetery a few times in the last years cause it's not far from my home town.
      It is nothing unique but  in the early daylight or the late evening light  the atmosphere is fine.
      The pictures I made there before were not that bad but also not that special.
      This time it  changed. We created a very special atmosphere with some artificial fog.
      This was only possible cause this day there was absolutely no wind.
      I really like the result, what do you think?