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Wicked Sunday

Hunted locations

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Hello all, 


I recently go through a rough period of time, and Urban Exploring can get my mind off and put things back in perspective. I do such explorings prefered solo and at midnight. If that place has a certain story added to it I take my car and go for it. I have posted some of my explorations on this forum.


I love going back on such adventure again, and share the experiences. 

The problem though is I am sourceless on any abandonned places around my area within a 1.5 hour drive range. Maybe I am searching wrong or maybe there simply are no such places? 


Anyway I know it is uncommen, and I may seem to ask to be spoonfed but this is not the case: I have already spend some nights trying to figure the desired sightings within a 1.5/2 hour range. Perhaps there are people here on this forum that relate to my location and help me in this situation. 


I live in this area: 



I would usually just take more nights searching the info, but for now I really need this form of distraction and any help would be appreciated.


SideNote: why can't explored sightings be sorted on country? It would make things a lot easier.

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Hi Wicked Sunday! 
HERE, I already gave you some tips on how to search successfully, respectively how I search. Honestly, I don't know what else I could advise you otherwise.


You don't live very far from Belgium. There is a very big and active UE-scene there, and in BE are also hundreds of abandoned places. So it shouldn't be too difficult to make contacts there and / or to find abandoned places in BE. The web is full of it; sometimes even with quite helpful descriptions or information, that can be used to find the places with a little search.


And regarding the sorting: Why should the places be sorted by country? After all, Oblivion State is NOT primarily a forum to find places, but a community, to SHOW photos & reports of visited places (of course, too, to view and comment on others' pics and posts, etc.).
In this regard, each has their own preferences and interests. And these usually don't refer to where a place is, but ordinarily based on, what kind of an abandoned place it is (some prefer castles or villas, other industries, others mines, bunkers and caves and so on). Concerning this personal likes, many look specifically at relevant albums and posts.
For this reason, the deliberate chosen categorization here by the kind of places is expedient, and it will hardly be changed into a sorting by countries, I think. At least that's my opinion.

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Other than what Andy has already suggested, I would say that exploring solo at night, whilst it is your preference, isnt great for networking opportunities.


Using any sort of forum is also not the way to go about finding new places that local to you. It just doesnt work like that I'm afriad. They/We are there to provide a place to share peoples experiences, not to be the yellow pages.


Its also about the first time I have heard someone finding it diffucult finding locations in Belgium, its a gold mine.


Good luck with your search :)





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Thank you for the reactions, there is no difficulty in finding locations in Belgium at all. But I have a weekend job along my studies, so it's hard to combine it with going away for a night and day, since Belgium is 3hrs away from me.


I guess I will have to stick to encountering rather than using this forum as 'yellow pages' as you mentioned Dubbed Navigator. 


I will maintain updates on the locations I do get to explore.  

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Wasnt intended in a nasty way @Wicked Sunday, but it does happen in this community a lot, across different forums. What makes the community is getting involved, i'm confident you will find what you are looking for if you do so :)

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