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Belgium L'Hopital tiktak - December 2018

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A n abandoned hospital that did not meet the new norms. It took some effort to gain access to this one. I  did this one alone so my senses were working overtime. First thing I heard was the tik tak of some mechanical clocks so i named this one l'hopital tiktak. Electricity is still on, sensors of the automatic doors and lights still working. Went to a great part of this massive hospital but still not seen everything because I was expecting security tu turn op any moment so after less then 1h30 I went back home. Maybe I'll revisit this one soon for the other parts. Missed the morgue.

Hope you enjoy this.






1 going up
46468993721_33876d6a55_b.jpgIMG_3506-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
2 go into the light
45745494214_e1048c0498_b.jpgIMG_3503-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
3 where is the lab result?
45745493064_d458d1f323_b.jpgIMG_3509-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
4 working in the sunshine
46468993041_345ae970f8_b.jpgIMG_3510-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
5 lay down your head
45745494844_950f8fd35e_b.jpgIMG_3500-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
6 at an angle
45745495174_1f0eedf927_b.jpgIMG_3497-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
7 flashing re light
45745495604_587cbd8bee_b.jpgIMG_3496-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
8 OK 1 start the timer
45745495944_b2ef59a115_b.jpgIMG_3493-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
9 take a rest
45745496294_780fb7f8e3_b.jpgIMG_3488-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
10 backache
45745496624_bb7dca9d93_b.jpgIMG_3466-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
11 the underground
45745496864_53690fe51d_b.jpgIMG_3463-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
12 spare material room
45745497334_9678abfdd7_b.jpgIMG_3461-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
13 ok2 also in the race
45745644414_7516105b88_b.jpgIMG_3471-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr

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Most parts are still quite clean, and the furnishings and equipment seems to be almost complete. Great job!

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Indeed still quite clean but abandoned for sure. And probably it will stay so until the building will be demolished. Same story as with the hospital I visited last year (l'hopital demi).

It's now a pile of rubble,and new buildings are constructed now. No time for some real decay.



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18 hours ago, The_Raw said:

Loving that! You have to find the morgue. It's the law!


Someone told me that the morgue is already gone. Can't check it anymore since the poe is closed. Damn security


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