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Hi from Norfolk, UK

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Hi from Norfolk, UK! Been interested in photography and urbexing for a few years now, seen plenty of fab pictures and love looking at the photo's everyone shares. Have been to a few places myself but look forward to hopefully finding a few more in the future 😊                  

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Hey Dacki, welcome along to OS. I'm glad you're enjoying the forum, and we're looking forward to seeing some pictures of your own 😊

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      Hey all, been looking for urbex communities.. came across this one. Looks nice.
    • By Gabor
      Hi and thx from abroad, from the middle of the old continent fellas.)
    • By Staklo
      Hey, hello to all from Chicago.
      I've ended up poking around on this site more than a few times researching locations and sites to explore, so seems fair to contribute some of my finds :-)
      Live and work here in the Midwest, USA, but also live and work a month or two a year in Eastern Europe, so I'll have reports from both regions.
      My interest in Urbex started over 3 decades ago scavenging some refractory bricks out of the old Wisconsin Steel plant (South Chicago) and I have continued exploring ever since.
      Thanks to everyone who has already contributed and I look forward to participating.
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      Found you guys on an email from olympus about photographing abandoned places... 
      I'd always been fascinated with urban explorers and their photographic adventures.  Hope to find like minded people here. 
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      Hey, my name is NatureCalls.
      I love to urbex and I'm very friendly and helpful.
      I'm from The Netherlands and I explore mostly in Belgium and sometimes in France, Germany and The Netherlands.
      Urbex is a hobby of mine for 5 years now. The main reason that I Explore is for the experience. I don't take a lot of pictures and if I do it's with my phone.
      I'm looking forward to spending time on the forum! If any one has questions about me or locations in Belgium feel free to ask
      Have a great day!