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This serie was made in Hungary, Pilismarót.

Time: 2011.

This floating graveyard with all the ships still above and not under water are waiting to be cut to pieces and reuse. But they rust quickly as they are waiting for their fate since years and the abandoned empty machines, ship bodies, cranes slowly and probably will end up deep down in the river bend.

Ship Cemetary_01.jpg

Ship Cemetary_03.jpg

Ship Cemetary_04.jpg

Ship Cemetary_05.jpg

Ship Cemetary_06.jpg

Ship Cemetary_07.jpg

Ship Cemetary_11.jpg

Ship Cemetary_13.jpg

Ship Cemetary_14.jpg

Ship Cemetary_15.jpg

Ship Cemetary_02.jpg

Ship Cemetary_09.jpg

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    • By Gabor
      Actually these are not abandoned wrecks but pieces from the MALEV (Hungarian Airlines - not existing anymore) @ the Budapest Airplane Museum.
      Interesting fact - a pity - that Hungary haven't got national airline services these days...

    • By Gabor
      This is the railway cemetary of Hungary, once honored, powerful machines now forgotten in the mud and dirt. Rust in peace!