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I don't do often small houses but due to my interest in radio,was this a nice location. It's been abandoned for several years. There is a big collection of radio's there with some that deserve a restoration.

The house next to it is not abandoned and the neighbours were at home so i could here some noises .So being quite and not making to much noise was needed.



like sprewells on a wheelchair
31944688597_0f44658340_b.jpgIMG_3879-HDR-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
2 are you lonesome tonight
46886175631_f601679493_b.jpgIMG_3894-HDR-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
3 lucid dreams
31944691717_b08d79e3b8_b.jpgIMG_3834-HDR-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
4 video killed the radio star
46886179341_a11e77b248_b.jpgIMG_3827 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
5 the white shoes
31944690187_af39c6a7ab_b.jpgIMG_3862-HDR by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
6 birdcage
46886178071_a7a98df33a_b.jpgIMG_3846-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr
7 I can't live in a living room
46886176691_3c97287061_b.jpgIMG_3873-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr

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Looks cool. Fortunately, you haven't been caught. I've heard that last year there was some trouble with the neighbors and the police.

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TNX. There are indeedsome nice radio's  (begin 1950) thatare worth restoring. And I also heard the stories about the neighbours  so i needed to be as quite as possible and try not to bump my tripod or let the stairs make to much noise.

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Lovely report! You've got some really nice photos there. Good thing you didn't bump into the owner, apparently he locks people in and calls the police, nightmare ?

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Thanks  for the responses .I do appreciate it. I hope he doesn't live next door then. But luckily no encounters that day. 


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    • By The Urban Tourist
      Some of you may have already seen this one. This is a nice paper mill closed down almost a decade ago. There are many photos of this place when it was still active, and some of them were taken when the factory had been occupied by workers right after the closure...
      It's a rather good place still today, despite the amount of copper thieves who came here. There are still some interesting things such as the power station (probably the best part), the semi-active substation, some laboratories and archives... We also found a small container where a radioactive substance called thorium nitrate used to be stored.
      You can look at all my photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskQESLot









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      This was the second of two places we looked at, and was one of those 'we probably won't get into this one' places. It's always a bonus when you're pretty much convinced you wont get in then turn up & end up getting in 😀 The place was covered with mushrooms (Jews Ear apparently) and mould has taken it's hold on the place, by the time i got to the second floor started to feel a bit queasy breathing it all in, reminded me to get some masks for next time. A pretty cool place, with plenty to see and a variety of 'funky' lampshades... Started losing daylight by the time we reached the 3rd floor so the pics started to get gradually worse.


      Not sure exactly when it opened but it was up & running in the 1930's. In it's day it stood on it's own extensive grounds over 3 acres. The greater portion of this was devoted to sun bathing and recreational lawns. The remainder was largely a kitchen garden which provided fresh garden produce to the tables. 
      Quote from its promotional literature "The views from the bedrooms are delightful. Those on the front and on one side have an open outlook over the sea, the others overlook the golf links and the open country. Your views are in every room open, nothing shuts in any part of BRADDA PRIVATE HOTEL. 'BRADDA' has been entirely redesigned, enlarged, redecorated and refurnished, and is now one of the most beautiful hotels in the Island"
      Unsure exactly when it closed but from what i can tell it was around 2015. 
      A proposal to demolish the dilapidated hotel and erect a residential care home, along with car parking, access and highway alterations, was submitted by Spaldrick Care Ltd in September last year.
      The developer estimated construction of the home would cost £5 million and create 60 full-time jobs.
      Around thirty families objected to the plans, as well as Port Erin Commissioners and the government's planning committee.
      Concerns were raised over the scale of the development, its impact on views, privacy, traffic and parking, as well as its conformity with both the Southern Area Plan, and the all-Island Strategic Plan.
      The plans were initially overruled by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. However following a successful appeal by the developer this year, and on the recommendation of the planning inspector, the plans got the green-light.






















      some of the lampshades

      some of the lovely mold & decay the place had to offer

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      Fantastic Fireplaces and where to find them
      A complex of a bungalow; stables and former jockey's cottages one of which is still occupied when I opened the door and found the elderly resident eating his lunch!!! Exit stage right 

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      So this place has nothing now but  memories and juvenile grafitti 
      The Witch Ball Inn was popular with the army guys in the 1940s, due to its proximity to Prees Heath airfield. In particular the Americans stationed there took a special liking to it. And yet after that there's very little on the place. It boasted an impressive function room and a now filled-in swimming pool,  At some point in the 1980s the building came under new ownership and the name changed to The Cherry Tree Hotel. The swimming pool was actually converted into a fish pond, and a fountain was installed in the bar area. The pub was visited by Michael Cain whenever he was in the area visiting his daughter.  it closed down, around 2005 was boarded up and then was consequentially plundered and trashed. 

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      A mish mash of an industrial estate; a few empty units; big spiders old documents and lazy security