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Belgium The Slaughterhouse - 09/2018

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Really like this, a bit different from what we are used to seeing and surprised that there is almost everything still there except the pigs.

The shockers are a bit of a reminder of the inhumanity, not something you see everyday. 

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Thanks. The metal thieves didn't took a lot of metal yet. The offices were a bit thrashed.Someone told me that this environment was not to healthy,even without the pigs. But you could nicely follow the path of were some of our meat is coming from.


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I really liked this, unfortunately I worked in one for a few years fixing machinery. recognise a few bits of equipment. great set of photos.

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great use of lighting in there shots. As said grim place, but belting photo's. Particularly liking the first one with all of the cobwebs. 

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Thanks you all for the many replies. The slaughterhouse was still reasonable clean then. Now it's a bit more trashed and some art graffiti has been sprayed there.

I was lucky with the light that day.

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