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Germany White Gold - abandoned porcelain factory with everything left inside. [02/19]

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This is one for the history books, I am really unsure how long this factory will stay how it is. It's one of the best, if not the best spot, that I have ever visited. It looked like there had been some vandalism at first when we entered, but in the upper and other parts of the factory, everything looks so untouched, it's unbelievable. 


Full Album (80 pics): https://flic.kr/s/aHsmAYHLXQ

IG: @ofcdnb


47126850411_a43353930a_b.jpgDSC_4831.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46212781235_89353b94a2_b.jpgDSC_4832.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


40161916713_ab75f63c58_b.jpgDSC_4833.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


33251533018_80eddd5fc6_b.jpgDSC_4837.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46403265764_68a35894f8_b.jpgDSC_4840.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


33251582758_b7cf27780f_b.jpgDSC_4846.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46403296884_8cdc9534af_b.jpgDSC_4849.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


47074585332_a6facba4f5_b.jpgDSC_4853.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


40162065493_06fbda4868_b.jpgDSC_4862.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


47127043521_f538f000c0_b.jpgDSC_4871.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46213003835_9701536953_b.jpgDSC_4890.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


47074747382_4a4d22b0ca_b.jpgDSC_4893.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46213728605_b1ae18f7ae_b.jpgDSC_4895.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


47127827401_61d7b090dc_b.jpgDSC_4900.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


32185787557_4885ef4439_b.jpgDSC_4918.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


46213810205_b36109be57_b.jpgDSC_4928.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


32185900247_ae49a6d01a_b.jpgDSC_4940.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


40163003663_849a8aaa87_b.jpgDSC_4941.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


47127961971_aca86820d3_b.jpgDSC_4942.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr


32185929137_1466f08a11_b.jpgDSC_4946.jpg by anthrx, auf Flickr





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Really still much inside, looks very interesting. However, the "path" in the third picture would have been nothing for me and my fear of heights. ;):D

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Wow thats a lot of porcelain! I like the little studio with the old photos on the wall and it really feels here like you've taken us ob a tour of the building from start to finish ?

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      This coal mine was established in 1910 and was funded by the Prussian empire. This facility contained two elevator towers. In 1912 the construction began on a cokes plant right next to the coal mine. 
      In 1943 the mine shut down due to the second world war, after 6 years the mine reopened again. With this reopening there was also a major renovation, with this renovation there was a larger modern elevator added to the facility. In 1998 the facility was bought by a big coal mining corporation which owned 5 other coal mines. In 2008 the  98 year old coal mining facility was closed down by the government. The historic part is currently being restored and the part that was renovated after the war will probably be torn down. 
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    • By The Urban Tourist
      I discovered this big factory almost 2 years ago. It used to build washing machines and it was closed down more than 10 years ago. At that time it was already obvious that the location was completely empty... but what made me really interested in this place was the colour of some building of the complex: that very particular red, which almost seems like blood, was enough to make me say "I need to go there". And so I did. As I guessed, there was nothing inside lol, but I don't regret this exploration at all...
      Btw this place is a little bit tricky because it's completely surrounded by houses, so everyone can see you. We had to hide in various occasion: one time there was a watch dog who was barking to us from his home so we hid ourselves behind a wall, just 2 meters away from it. Luckily its owners didn't get why that dog was barking that much. At some point an old lady and her husband saw us but in the end nothing happened...
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      I had an awesome time here, it's a huge abandoned factory
      It's still guarded, but easy to visit ..

      I've spend a lot of time inside and a local person also told us about the history of the place.
      His family didn't have any hot water, so when he was a child , his mother used to take him to the factory to give him a bath .