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Ukrane Chernobyl exclusion zone (February 2019)

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I think everybody knows about this area and must not say much about it.

We where there for 3 days in February and it was amazing.

Enjoy the pics.



















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Some really good pictures there. I especially like the sunken boat.

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    • By Hooismans
      A blast furnace is an installation that makes steel from iron ore and coke, this happens at a temperature of around 2400 degrees Celsius. When there is quick liquid in the oven, one is drilled open and the steel flows out Steel production and further activities in this area stopped in 2011. Which brings an end to the more than 200-year-old steel production in Liège
      HFB by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Blast Furnace by Hooismans, on Flickr
      Blast Furnace by Hooismans, on Flickr
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      I also made a documentary on this place where i tell about the history of this place and how this factory worked in his heyday 
      It is in dutch but it has subtitles
      Thanks for looking through!
    • By Industrieller
      This cooling tower and the adjoining gasometer have been abandoned for some time.













    • By Industrieller
      During the Cold War, this bunker was built as an auxiliary hospital.
      The overlying school was opened in the 60s while the hospital was officially inaugurated in the 80s.
      It offered 2,370 places and never went into operation.
      At the turn of the millennium, it was relieved of its responsibilities, the inventory transferred to other states, and the hospital will be soon demolished.










    • By Stevepg
      3 days in the exclusuion zone reactor No 4 Prypyat Chernobyl; overnight stays within the zone locked in the hotel at 10pm curfew and restricted access to beer!! Also getting to meet some of the self settlers who returned to the area of their own accord not long after the disaster; just a few representative pictures taken