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UK The Granville Hotel Tower - April 2008

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The Granville Hotel was designed by Pugin, and is now apartments, Iv'e explored the abandoned part of the Granville Hotel, which I will put in a separate report, I was lucky enough on one of my regular walks along the beach to get chatting to a elderly gentleman who lives in a apartment in The Granville and he kindly showed me around, and told me that the Tower was a look-out post in WW2 for fires after bombs had been dropped on the town, he had a word with the caretaker and I got a invite to have a look. I had to climb up a 30ft ladder through a loft hatch holding onto a piece of rope attached to the old lift mechanism and was terrified, especially coming down but it was worth it for the views. Anyway enough said, enjoy the pics.

This pic was taken before I went inside.



There was a flat roof we climbed up to and looked up and saw this seagull giving us the eye, I found out why when we finally got up there, they had a nest up there so as I was taking pics we were getting bombed lol, it was hilarious.


These lion statues are on the corners right at the top.


The tower from the flat roof.


The view from the top.


Looking out over ramsgate harbour.


The top of the chimneys, I luv this pic.



Very unsafe floors in here.


Some pics of the gravitti the fellas did back in ww2.




Looking down the stairs of the tower.


This was the look-out room where the gravitti was.


A few random pics, it was a very tight space up there, but fantastic.





Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did being up there, big thanks to John and Eric for the invite, I could even see a plane at Manston we were that high up.

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Thankyou guys for your nice comments, yep it's amazing what you can find out, there is a tunnel that goes from the hotel to The granville cinema, I've seen the opening but the caretaker was reluctant about letting me inside, as you go in the ramsgate tunnels, there is steps up to the granville cinema but it is blocked off, and hey mitch if your dad works at the San clu aka comfort inn, there is rumoured to be tunnels underneath, I did go ask but haven't been back to sweettalk the manager yet ;) On my rounds as a carer it's amazing some of the stories you hear about the tunnels etc in ramsgate,the lovely elderly people of the town are interesting to talk to, they are all over the town, and they were under the library which they found when they were digging the foundations for the new library, but are now filled in. Glad you enjoyed the pics, good job I don't mind heights lol. :)

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