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vanishing days

UK ABC Cinema - Maidstone - Kent - 2008

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probably one of the weirdest places ive explored as the heating and electric still runs as its connected to the bingo hall next door thanks to abandoned uk for the tour visited with 12 gauge as well. loads of little bits still around didnt have my eos with me on this one so pics are a bit poor any way on we go

Main Entrance





admin upstairs parts







art deco style room upstairs


cinemas 1 and 2







Projector room







my favorite


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Cool pics, the black and white ones are nice. Is the place still standing or do they have plans for it?

It still stands. The bottom half of the building is still an active bingo hall, the cinema is above the bingo hall. Origenally if would have been one big cinema of course. Unfortunitely like all places like this, the way in we had has now been sealed.


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Brilliant report. Brought back alot of memories. I used to live not far outside of Maidstone and this was one of my regular haunts. Glad to see its still in good condition. Brilliant photos, loving the Black and white ones

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Must have missed this one, looks like a cool place, loads of interesting features. I got my wrist slapped many years ago, at a cinema in Kingston, for slinking out of a film and going into the projector room because I wanted to see the how it worked. 20 mins before I was found unwinding a roll of film :twisted: , the policeman really scared me :( I was only 7.

Is this place still doable?

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