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Gateway Hovertel Dover - 1/3/09

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After reading the post from ryda about the Snargate Wine Vault it reminded me of something I had been looking for last year, but was beaten by prickle's and nettles. I was not sure where the Wine Vaults were, from an old picture that I can no longer find you could see the entrance to them at ground level then a few terraces up it looked like there could be another, maybe even the tunnel that is rumoured to lead to the cowgate steps.

Well getting to the point...after an hour of myself and my brother scrabbling around on the side of a slippery cliff we found 4 levels of the terraces but alas no tunnels :cry:

However we did find our way into the Gateway hovertel, the hotel that time forgot, beds still made, TV's still with remote's, tea and coffee in the rooms. The place is a really great, pretty good condition, the only really trashed floor is the top one and nothing to do with chav's the flying rats have done a good enough job themselves.

Anyway on with some pic's from Satan's camera.

I have stuck this in here for now as the place is an arsonists wet dream. Once anyone who wants to get in has, maybe it can be moved into public view.












Down to the basement:







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One of the buildings is better than the other as the roof has gone in the older section. The condition is not too bad, just a lot of piles of the old furniture, odds and sods.

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Referring to your report Superwide, this rumoured link to the 64 steps, the tunnels I was in yesterday have a locked passage leading off in the right direction for this, might be worth possible speaking to the masonic lodge to see if they have an entrance in? The gentleman who leases the storage tunnels i was in explained there must be another entrance as he often sees light and feels a draught coming from down the passage

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    • By silverainbow
      Well guys, this has been covered on more than one occasion, and I've visited this site on more than one of the numerous open days over previous years never been lucky enough to get any Pics due to the hoards of people all over the place, So when one very kind Barry Stewart offered me free reign of the place for a few hours obviously I happily and very gratefully took him up on his offer.
      So, For a bit of History ;
      The Drop Redoubt is one of the two forts on Western Heights, and is linked to the other, the Citadel, by a series of dry moats (the lines). It is, arguably, the most impressive and immediately noticeable feature on Dover’s Western Heights.
      The artillery at the Redoubt faced mostly inland; it was intended to attack an invading force attempting to capture Dover from the rear.
      The construction of the Redoubt was in two periods: the first being from 1804-1808 during the Napoleonic Wars, and the second from 1859-1864 following the recommendations of the 1859 Royal Commission.

      Well, That's all folks, Thanks for taking a look

      More can be found out about this fantastic Structure Here;
    • By Wevsky
      This has been the one shelter i dover that's eluded me due to the entrance or rather the route down to it!three years ago i had a go and last year but my body would not allow me to go down the ever disappearing cliff path to it..
      Fast forward 3 years and with a lot of encouragement from the guys i finally got down to it ..cheers lads
      Visited with SpaceInvader Obscurity and UrbanJunky was a great meet up and pukka day out
      Brief blagged history
      Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. This consisted of three 6� naval gun positions, magazines, gun rooms, a plotting room and a large deep shelter. The guns were removed in the 1970’s but the foundations are still visible to date. All underground parts are in a good condition. Above ground most buildings were demolished but an officers mess remains and is now used as a cow shed

      Thanks for looking and im rather chuffed i got down there..thanks again to the guys for getting me down there:thumb
    • By Frosty
      Few pics from St Martins, nice little shelter, could also be known as the nutcracker!

      Sorry pretty crappy pics!
    • By Frosty
      Just chucking this back up as redoing all my reports, visited with fortknox0, history is on his report, truely a special place!

      Sorry its pic heavy!
    • By Harry
      Now home to the local pigeon population this small deep shelter was built to protect troops of the nearby Z-Rocket from incoming axis bombs during WWII. There was two main entrances down into the shelter and one emergency escape exit. All in all, a great little splore, one of many in the area.
      Un-lined section which leads to the emergency escape exit.

      Wardens room/office, with the un-lined section in the distance.

      Main tunnels are lined with steel girders braced with corrugated steel sheet.


      Steps leading up towards main entrance, now infilled with bricks and rubble.

      The original timber and plywood lining still remains, although damaged and decomposing.

      Last but by no means least...