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vanishing days

New camera

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hello all finaly got my insurance money through today from my camera being nicked ive got 600 ish to spend what do people recomend. i did have a eos 50d which i loved was wonderin if anyone had any reccomendations for anything better

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Guest dangerous dave

slow i give you leads n you sit on your ass now go explore

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how about a nikon D80? Very good cameras and can withstand quite alot so great for taking exploring!

Or go for a top range sony. good value for money, easy to use and cheap on lenses as you can use the old minolta lenses on them!

hope ive been of some help mate!

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      I'm looking to buy a head camera to film my explores, preferably between £20-£50. I don't know much about cameras so I'm not sure what to look for really. can anyone recommend anything? 
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      This is a quick review of my Black Rapid Sport Slim (as pictured below on the left)

      on the website (www.blackrapid.com) they say:
      my list of the main pros and cons
      - Is very comfy and spreads the weight of the camera nicely across the body
      - camera can be taken of quickly via the Connectr (its called a Connectr its not a typo )
      - the Connectr has a screw lock gate to stop the camera coming lose
      - so many different models (even for people who like the camera hanging on the left side of there body)
      - its connects to the camera via the tripod mount so isnt that easy to change from strap to tripod but they make a Fastenr-T1 which works with most tripods (www.blackrapid.com/products/fastenr-t1)
      - if you have to run the camera will swing and it is quite annoying
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      The History
      Guyzance mill was constructed in the early 19th century and was a water powered
      corn mill. It is grade 2 listed and there has been a mill on the site since 1336.
      It is a three storey stone structure on a rectangular plan of 34 feet by 20 feet.
      The Visit
      I was in the area for a 2 night road trip/break and this was one of the sites I
      had earmarked to go check out. The mill is structurally pretty sound and in
      fair shape. There is next to nothing left in there but three milling stones do remain.
      The Photos.
      Well these shots were taken with my newest acquisition - the diminutive Pentax Q.
      A camera who's sensor is smaller than a gnats left testicle... I think, phone cameras
      aside, this has the smallest sensor of any camera. Given this image quality should
      be pretty poor on paper/in theory. I also didn't help myself by not taking a tripod
      into the mill with me so was shooting hand held at very high ISO (which
      should guarantee noisy images) and hand held - which should result in
      not very sharp images as I do not have a very steady hand.
      Well without further ado here are the piccies.










      thanks for looking

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      Hi guys, I have an EOS 1D mkII N which ha been working fine with my little Canon Ultrasonic 28-80 lens and also with a Tamron Aspherical 28-200.
      Today I received a Sigma 28-200, not sure what model lens it is, but it does have SAF written on it.
      The Sigma will only work on P (Auto) mode, if I try to use it on any other mode then the shutter locks and I get"Err 01" in the LCD
      The lens works fine on an old EOS1000F N film camera on all modes
      Any ideas???