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fat wreck

Langdon Hole'n Z Rockets 2009

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..........oi oi, this is my 1st post EVER sooooooooooo try not ta laugh too much if it goes wrong (that means you fluff ha ha ha :lol: X X X ) most of these picz were taken with UnfairytailUrbex Gmaps.zipDH000007.jpg[/attachment:1j7xxns4]CNV00132.JPG[/attachment:1j7xxns4]CNV00120.JPG[/attachment:1j7xxns4]CNV00163.JPG[/attachment:1j7xxns4]CNV00181.JPG[/attachment:1j7xxns4]..........enjoy :Devil:

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    • By silverainbow
      Done on my Jack had just got a new camera and wanted to learn how to use it, was down there for near on 3 hours in total !, plus another local site off my "to-do" list
      This deep shelter sunk into the chalk above Langdon Bay just to the east of Dover had two entrances about a hundred yards apart in a bank by a rough track well back from the cliff edge (the cutting for the railway line that used to run down to Dover Harbour many years ago). There are no signs of the entrances today. The roofs/walls were the usual galvanized wriggley sheet metal, but with quite a lot of brick work. In one section where the chalk was exposed an inscription, 'M. Tutt Dec 1944', had been cut quite deeply into the chalk. The steps leading out of the secondary (eastern) entrance were largely missing leaving a steeply sloping chalk floor leading back to the surface which was back filled in 1979, Right enough history on with some pics.

      Some "Original Graffiti"

      Ventilation plant

      This is quite a good example compared to many of the others Ive visited and while its been got at a bit its no where near as bad as the majority

    • By superwide
      I am pretty sure everyone has been to or knows this place so not going into all the details other than its a deep shelter. Very quick visit with snaphappi and his son.

    • By Obscurity
      Located at Langdon Hole, in East Langdon, lays an air raid shelter deep underground. I can’t find too much information on this place but it is believed it was formerly known as Dumpy ‘B’ and used as a communications shelter during WW2. Also located in Dover was Longhill shelter which was formerly known as dumpy ‘A’. These two shelters were of an almost identical layout. Langdon hole Deep shelter originally had two entrances. One was steel lined and the other was un-lined chalk. After the WW2 there was no further need for the shelter and it was capped off with the original entrances destroyed. Over the years the top soil has caused a small opening to appear at one of the original entrances meaning that the rather hidden entrance is now accessible and this almost forgotten shelter has regular visits from historians and explorers.
      I had visited this shelter many times over the last couple of years but in my most recent visit I finally photographed the place.
      Visited with Urban Junkie, Shadow, Maniac, Frosty, Skydiver, Cave Zombie and Scrimshady.
      Originally there would have been a staircase entering the tunnel but over the years it has collapsed leaving a steep slope at the entrance

      The second entrance is now sealed. This is the un-lined/secondary entrance

      At the bottom of the main entrance is a small room and spur leading to the main complex

      The shelter consists of two parallel tunnels with a spur at each corner.

      Thanks for looking