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sunset photography

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ok guys, after posting my sunset photos up and getting alot of crit i went back to the same spot to grab another photo and try to follow the advise given by members. I have taken it from the same place as before and had a little play with it taking in to consideration your comments. It wasnt quite as nice as the sky last time i went but hoppefully you guys can give me some feed back.

What i edited:

I straightened the image so the foreground is straight and tried to follow the rule of thrids that fluff and manic said about.

I enhansed the exposure and the contrast very slightly

i also cropped the image

I think that is all...i will post the original and the edited version after so you can compare them.

I hope you can give me some tips and pointers and tell me anything else that is wrong with the image!





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I hope you can give me some tips and pointers and tell me anything else that is wrong with the image!

First thing's first - photography is very subjective. What one person thinks is brilliant another will hate and visa-versa. There is no sure fire way of taking a great photo, no one 'right' or 'wrong' way of doing it. Things like the rule of thirds are merely guidelines that can help, but they are not hard and fast rules.

Rather than asking the question 'what's wrong with the image' what i would be asking is just for opinions good or bad (Crit isn't always bad you know :mrgreen: )

Moving on from that, I can see what you've tried to achieve and you're some way to doing so. The worst part about your pic is the white blob in the foreground, I would have changed the crop to get rid of that, it's a massive distraction. Also personally I would have kept the shot portrait rather than landscape, I actually quite like your original shot, if it didn't have the lighting in the foreground, I think it could have looked good with very little post production.

Good effort. :grin:


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well stupidly i used a flash and it picked up the plants in the foreground, when i cropped it then a little bit of the plant was still there and trying to keep to this rul of thrids thing if i had cropped it out then the image would have too much sky and not alot else!

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