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Please Use the Toilet State Hospital for the Insane-2009

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OK plane ticket is getting booked...I have to see this, absolutely stunning images, I think this is my favourite so far of your reports.


Any time. Just book a plane to New York and I will so you some places.

What a depressing place :( But great pictures as always

Mate, stop tempting us Brits with all this urbex porn. Seeing the pictures from 'over the water' makes me think about the law you guys have with trespass and the like?

Good urbexing - Slow.

Thanks. I see alot of stuff from your side of the Pond I will love to check out. What happens to you over there with trespass?

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Fantastic photos as usual.

I think what strikes me about the places you find are the lack of graffiti and other mindless destruction. A site like that in the UK would be trashed beyond all belief unless it was very difficult to get into, but what you have there seems much more like natural decay and dereliction, unless you've managed to photograph it in such a way to give that impression.

Thanks. I see alot of stuff from your side of the Pond I will love to check out. What happens to you over there with trespass?

Generally in the UK and Wales if you're unlucky enough to get caught it can go one of two ways. If its security, very often you'll be told to bugger off after showing them how you got in, if it's the police normally they'll do a 'stop and search' procedure where they'll search your bags and pockets, and then let you go with a pink slip to add to your collection. If you're unlucky you can end up getting arrested (although this is rare) under the pretence of Attempted Burglary or similar, or if they really know their stuff, there's a law from about the 1800's which is cited as 'being in an enclosed space' although really they're applying that law out of context as it was never intended for those reasons. It's a total waste of their time, as they'll interview you and let you go normally, and I think they only arrest you out of a kind of 'you wasted our time, now we're wasting yours' kinda attitude which sucks.

Most of the time thou it's a few sarcastic comments and disbelief at what we do and they let you go on your way. Site's not to get caught in are anything Live military, Airports, Railways and Utilities such as Electricity, they get a bit touchy about such places and bring out the terrorism act. :roll:

It all classifies as trespass, which under UK law is a civil offence and you can't be arrested or prosecuted for it. However if a landowner asks you to leave and you don't, it then becomes aggravated trespass which you can be arrested for. If a landowner catches you and suspects you have caused damage, they can sue you in the civil courts for damages, however the burden of proof is quite high and it's extremely rare.

The law in Scotland is a little different, but I can't recall the differences off the top of my head.


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