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vanishing days

Band Photography

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Hello eveyone

ive been offered some work by MC lars to follow him around the uk on his next tour in march

Im looking to expand my kit for this really ive got around 450 to spend my current kit is

eos 40d

kit lense

battery grip

bout 20gb of cards

what would people suggest i get next i was thinking a flash but as ive never done gig photgraphy im not to sure any help would be great please



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You definitely don't want a flash, never photograph bands with flash photography as it spoils the atmosphere normally. Ocassionally you can get away with it, but generally it doesn't work.

To be honest, you don't really *need* anything else, but there could be a couple of things that can come in handy.

As mentioned a decent lens which covers as wide range as possible could be a useful addition, as you don't really want to be faffing around changing lens in the middle of a gig. I would also be looking to have at least 2 sets of spare batteries and spare memory cards with me, not sure how many of each you've got.

Sounds silly, but depending on the venue a small foot stool or something can come in handy to get you up a little higher if you want some different angles.

If you don't already have one, buy a decent bag to keep your camera gear in as well. :thumb

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I'm no expert, having only done 2 gigs, both local venues. But I have found using a speedlite flashgun type thing can be quite effective. Rather than aiming the flash directly at your subject, bounce it off the ceiling or the wall. Using it with a 0.5 / 1 sec exposure creates some interesting motion effects. I quite liked them, but it might not be something for you. These were the first shots I did using these, so it's a technique that could definitely be used to greater effect! Maybe less power on the flash, I don't know. Anyway...


_MG_9310 by Adam Browning, on Flickr


_MG_9208 by Adam Browning, on Flickr

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SLWX, you have commented on a post that nearly 3 years old fella ;)

...Maybe the band turned up late? :D Will check dates in future!

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SLWX, you have commented on a post that nearly 3 years old fella ;)

...Maybe the band turned up late? :D Will check dates in future!

Tats what I like, optimism!!!

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