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Return to Nortel Harlow (Rooftop)

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I had visited this site a week earlier but was thwarted in our attempt to do the roof by a persistent sec in a white van


So it was a revisit, this time there were four of us, Myself, Skeleton Key, UrbanX and Mad Axe, a great explore rounded off with a nice pint!!!



It's always nice being on the other side of the cameras :)






The rooftop plant rooms







Building 2








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    • By JohnnyThunderdrone
      Return to the forbidden area of the catacombs of paris, this time accompanied to get as far as possible, I hope you enjoy it.
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      Today we will have a Return Visit to the Home of Bicycle Repairman.
    • By Nelly
      Christmas has been a bit quiet for me splore wise and I was clucking for a couple of hours out. So it was a quick visit to a couple of local splores

      Prisoner of War Camp 116 was set up in 1941 to house Italian prisoners of war, and from 1943-1944 it mainly held German and Austrian prisoners.

      The POW's were allowed out to work on the nearby farms and one local has this memory of it......
      "The Austrian and German prisoners of war were kept in a camp at Hatfield Heath and sent out daily to 'help on the land'.
      Our first batch were Austrian and they were hard workers and Mum was so sorry for them she looked at their ration for the day and promptly invited them to share our food - they even ate with us.
      The next lot were German and all but one of those were also polite, hard workers and they too shared our food and ate in the kitchen with us.
      My biggest impression was the way they stood whenever Mum got up and would never sit until she too sat down.
      Dad corresponded for some time with one of them, a Walter Scheile from Beilefeld in Germany."
      The English Heritage Document entitled "PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS (1939 – 1948)" has this to say about it

      Camp 116
      (Mill Lane Camp, Hatfield Heath) conforms to the so-called ‘Standard’ layout, with the guards’
      compound consisting of MoWP huts, while the living huts are all timber Laing huts.

    • By Nelly
      Cold War AA Gun Emplacements
      Just outside Harlow on the Herts/Essex border sits this Anti Aircraft gun emplacement, this was the second trip out this weekend with the kids and their Grandad
      The site consists of four 3.7 inch AA gun emplacements each with ammunition recesses and integral shelters.
      Sat just back from the AA guns was the Generator block and several hundred yards further down the concrete road sits the Operations Block
      The site was built in the early1950's and ended it's life in 1958 when jet aircraft and surface to air missiles took over their role.
      3.7 Anti Aircraft Guns

      The site. Top right are the four AA gun emplacements, follow the road to the top left
      and you find the Generator Block and further on around the corner is the Operations Block

      The Gun Emplacements

      The Generator Block

      The Operations Block

      As usual, thanks for taking the time

    • By Nelly
      Gilbeys have been making spirits in Harlow since the 1960's at one time all the Malibu in the world was made in Harlow.
      The company have closed bit by bit over the years and this was their offices in Harlow.