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skeleton key

UK The BallRoom beneath the Lake –Nov-2012

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At a time when others where building towers reaching for the sky as a show of their status and wealth

Its hardly surprising that a man who made his Fortune through mining in the late 1800

Wouldnt utilise the specialist skills available to him in the development

Of his new Luxury home and go underground in several very unique ways of which this is one.

He had his grounds landscaped and created several lakes boat houses etc

Within one of the lakes before filled he had constructed a mooring island

From which a stairway leads down To a circular domed room constructed of metal and glass

On the apex of this dome is a statue some claim is Neptune

Designed to stand clear of the water when the lake was eventually filled.

Then a tunnel takes you to a spiral stair case and back to banks of the lake.

The owner didnt have long to enjoy his under water dome as he too was soon due to go down.

As when faced with imprisonment for fraud chose too take his own life.

Whilst it?s very unique it was also well ahead of its time,

Some call It a billiards room others a ball room

One thing most agree on is its special.







Couldnt resist it ;)






Splored with Lara & Miss.anthrope :)


A quality day splorin cheers for sneakin a peak SK

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Guest Captain Slow

Interesting place ya got there. Cant be many, if any other sites like this in the UK.

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Ahhhh, I've always waned to go here ever since I first saw it on antother well known forum years ago!

Very nice pics mate. :-)

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Thanks Guys its one of those thats been on the back burner on and off for the past seven years so was good to have her done :thumb Was the redevelopment on the estate that sprinkled the splore dust :D

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I would love to see this place, and I hope its one that gets rescued somehow. It would be terrible if it were lost forever.

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