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Ninja Kitten

UK The Acid House...2012

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nice little wander with plenty to see..explored the end of 2012..after a great day with some brilliant locations this was a bit of a wild card ide sat on for about a year so thought we better check her out and im glad we did...The building is tucked away in woodland and full of plenty of surprises :) hope you enjoy the pics....

















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What a great location, some if the substances in those bottles look a bit scary :o , some great pics there specially love the fire place and the ornate architecture at the top of that pillar :D

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thankyou for all the cracking comment..all that know me know how much i love all the bits and pieces left behind in these places we visit..and this was no exception..a beautiful building with plenty to enjoy :)

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Agreed with the above comments, picking out small details can make all the difference and you have certainly done just that. Quality set NK!!

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