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fujitsu building-aug 2012

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yeah the seam to be able to get in thru a open window but can find it again to get out and in this building they seemed to dive bomb us from the ceiling :)

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The old Fujitsu building in Stevenage (STE09) also known as Six Hills House opened as apartments at the end of 2016.

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    • By Landie_Man
      Ive wanted to do this one for a long time, simply for the views on top. When I visited here with Northern_Ninja a while ago; it was totally sealed, no access whatsoever.
      We returned to find it completely destroyed inside. It had that horrible, derelict office block vibe about it, smashed suspended ceilings, smashed glass, you know the drill. Some dickheads had smashed every single window. I didn't bother getting any internals whatsoever, so we went straight for the roof.
      Hardly any history on SE09, estimated closure is Early 2008?!

      More at: