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top 30 locations.....

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Tennis Camp


what a nice forum. top 30 locations are consider here. I am always so much interested to know the new locations. I wanted to say you thanks you for this awesome sharing. great job. really so much appreciable. so beautiful places. and i wanna go there.


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    • By Bonesout
      Following on from Mooksters rather excellent recent report from our trip across the pond, allow me to give you bicycle porn and derps from erbex's most visited. So I will spare any history, it's all well known.
      Fun filled with excellent company, as this hobby should be, two and a half days driving over 650 miles, ten sites, and I never creamed anyone!
      Grands Moulins de Paris mill.
      From downstairs I hear “ Guys, we have company†“Ooâ€Â, said I, “Fellow explorers?†Not unless they are in white shirts and black trousers! Really don’t know why they climbed that dirty tall fence, much easier way in I thought.
      1 policeman, 2 policeman 3 policeman 4…… 5 policeman 6 policeman 7 policeman 8……..
      And 1 outside blocking in my ‘Engleesh stuupeed’ car, with 3 of theirs. Got lucky after spurting hand sanitizer all over policeman 9, he had a sense of humour, they all did. Poppy, call me :-)

      I'm not one for Graff, but the deserted village of Doal just worked early morning

      And a windmill that has been everything, including a bowling alley.

      Villa Wallfahrt

      And my favourite, it's been respected so far, only two explorers 'tags' in the dust, which don't feel right here at all.

    • By oldskool
      First of a completely trashed Chinese gaff held a few photographic chances visited with Critical Mass & Host ......Cite Le Dragon




      Next Fort Chatreus another rather beaten location but with loads of character a must visit location if your in Belgium , Bumped into many people here some doing model shoots complete with lighting rigs and some doing urbex photography once a prison and a hospital








      Ok just to say SORRY i cant remember the name of this location all i have to say is STAIRCASE WOW !!!!!






      Thanks for looking Oldskool ............

    • By skeleton key
      Research into locations is one of the most rewarding yet time consuming parts of Urban exploration.
      Its easy to to sit back and tourist up the same old named location we see over and over again on forums
      Don’t get me wrong many are well worth seeing as the way different people capture the locations can be so very different and enjoyable.
      Also some are quite unique and rare others have fallen off the radar for a variety of reasons
      But as a whole sploring is a contribution based system in which we all play a part in or we end up with a complete un balance and then end up hearing the words tourist or the Pez classic Wombles / Wombling banded around lol
      Which is never good or wanted as crates ill feeling?
      To that end I decided to just post up a few sites that can assist in finding new or forgotten locations that might help
      Location scouting
      Wreck of the week
      http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3 ... =HAQHpVbdR
      Find Government Property
      So many more out there just a case of taking the time and effort