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UK Memory Lane Cottage Feb 2013

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Visited with one non member

Hidden away in a country lane is this little gem full to the brim with personal treasures and memories.

I spent hours looking through stuff and reading old letters from the 1920's onwards

Some of the letters were so sad i shed a tear :(










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It was a bit touch and go in some places Wevsky, Its very unstable, I dont think it will last for much longer :( xx

I normally end up going thru floors..atleast you didnt have that to worry about being a cottage ;)

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Have you heard of bribery SK? :D


I was like a kid in a candy shop SK

It an amazing place :) Best explore yet

Its just one of those places that takes you back in time for a brief moment and thats what makes it both special and sad :thumb

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Lovely, a truly outstanding find, bet you couldn't believe your luck, thank you for sharing, and as Sk said I too could spend all day just meandering through and absorbing a lifetimes history :)


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      Only a few quick shots, taken without a tripod.
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