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TheBaronof Scotland

shameless plug

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    • By Dubbed Navigator
      Bit of an odd one, but I used a coffee machine today, removed the plug pretty much straight after use and got zapped by the bastard!
      It was of course switched off, but does anyone know if this is due to a faulty appliance?
      Don't use it so I'm not hugely bothered, may give me am excuse to get a better one ?
    • By Paulpowers
      Had a busy day today
      I was waiting for work next to the dam and looking on OS maps when I noticed a little off-shoot at the base of the dam, I got the camera and torches out and headed down to have a nosey.

      The end is just around that corner but it's a bit tight and my tripod just wouldn't balance so the pic I got was just a blur
      If you're in the area it's well worth a look