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    • By Wevsky
      These are the shots that even i cant stretch to a report on each of them..
      So i thought id lump them into a combined report.
      Uni l

      L'ecole Labryinth

      IM cooling tower

      One more report at some point then im done..thanks for putting up with the huge amount of reportage!
    • By Perjury Saint
      A late autumn morning spent lurking in a HUGE decommissioned blast furnace, dodging trains
      and security patrols? Yep... That'll do nicely!
      . . . H F B . . .



















      As always, thanks for lookin in folks!
    • By TrevBish.co.uk
      History from Ojay's report:
      In 1946 Thurleigh became the site for the second Royal Aircraft Establishment site
      Two new runways were built in the post-war period to accommodate the Bristol Brabazon aircraft (which required a very long runway) that ultimately never went into production
      The site had several reasonably large windtunnels, one supersonic and one large subsonic
      It also had a 'drop tower', the drop tower is now used as a skydiving training venue
      The supersonic tunnel was dismantled by 2005 and the building which held the fans and driving motors is now used as the set for the BBC popular science programme, "Bang Goes The Theory"
      The RAE was deeply involved in the development of Concorde and was also a centre for the development of the Instrument Landing System.

      Thank You!
    • By Maniac
      Sad to read, hope it wasn't anyone from the community.
      Please, stay safe out there
    • By SpiderMonkey
      Hello OS. Here's another location from a recent euro tour Visited with AndyK!, Kriegaffe, Vals Darkroom and a non member.
      Nice little place here, a lot to offer, enjoy!