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Iconic Dick Willows cider shop closing ! WHAT

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Have just become aware of some bloody horrible news via Glenn Bruce on FaceBook and linked to his thread on 28 regarding the Iconic Dick Willows cider shop closing.

Will the Wiltshire weekends in the mine party's ever be the same :cry:



After careful consideration, we have taken the decision to leave the

premises on Box Road from the end of March. It seems an appropriate moment to restructure and focus on our core business - making cider!

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers who have supported us through the past four years.

The barn will still be open to the public and some of the existing businesses will continue to operate from the building, including Kellyann Bespoke

Picture Framing, Blooms Florist and the Walk of Curiosity (antiques and collectables, bygones and curios).

For the time being you will be able to find Dick Willows at the weekly Bath Farmers Market, Green Park Station, Saturdays from 9.30am. You can continue to keep in touch with us via Facebook...or if you drop us a quick email to [email protected] we can add you to our mailing list and keep you up to date with all our cider news. All other contact information at http://www.dickwillows.com.


You can rest assured, we will continue to make great cider, we hope to be in the running again this year for the Bristol Good Food Awards best cider, we will be at the Bath Farmer's Market every Saturday, the Dick Willows Cider Bar will be popping up at private and community events throughout the year, and we may well put on some events in the future. So we're not going away! x

Shit am gutted :sad2:

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Guest Scattergun

I am a cider drinker, I drinks it all of the day. I am a cider drinker, it soothes all me troubles away. OOH ARR OOH ARR AEH!

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