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UK The Clock hotel - Hertfordshire - March 2013

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After spotting this the other day and seeing Canonguy's report i had to have a quick mooch around this place and get a hotel done under my belt :).

The hotel burned down a few years back and has been left to graffiti artists and vandals and probably the homeless,

some more info here : http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/clock_hotel_in_welwyn_on_fire_1_723965

there where still a fair amount of beds left and random bits of furniture but other then that fairly gutted. Anyway onto the pics ! [ a bit pic heavy sorry]





Saddly room service had ceased =[ i could of gone for a cuppa


and sadly Henry had been removed, a sad day for hovers everywhere =[


mmmmm yum...



Nice bit o' stair =]





from the clock tower, had to scramble over the roof was very loose underfoot :shock:



in the room of "big phil"


and remembered to do a pano shot at last ^^


Rest can be seen here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157632987006265/with/8556099490/

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Very nice, I'm loving the stairs!

MrToby did a hotel called La Gondola, I've wanted to do one ever since, I must do a hotel in 2013

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Thanks for the kind words =], pity i got my foot in the shot but it was the best one i took of them, derp !.

Would of liked to of done a larger hotel and one that didnt stick of poop in certain parts but what can ya do =p

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:cool2: nice shots mate i love the stairs in this place, there is alot more graffiti in there now :cry: and i agree the climb to the top was a bit scary :D

nice report mate and it looks like you have more luck that me yesterday :thumb

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You made it look bloody good! Its FUCKED in there. I went when we had loads of snow a couple of months ago, its got worse since then. I ended up just shooting the stairs.

Well done that man

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You made it look bloody good! Its FUCKED in there. I went when we had loads of snow a couple of months ago, its got worse since then. I ended up just shooting the stairs.

Well done that man

cheers man :D, and yeah it is pretty damn wrecked in there o.o !, thanks everyone else too :)

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Guest Scattergun

Just been browsing through a few of your threads mate, not seen a few of em. Really good stuff here, I like the decay in this one :) Panos a winner too :thumb

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